Your precision Audi vehicle has an engine coolant system to keep the engine at an optimal operating temperature. Coolant circulates throughout this system to absorb and release heat from the engine, then delivers cooler liquid back to the engine in a never-ending cycle. Summertime Charleston heat creates enormous stress for hot engines. Ottohaus, The German Mechanic and your local Low Country Audi repair shop shares these coolant concerns with Audi owners throughout Charleston.

Watch for Leaks | Audi Repair Shop

High-performance Audi coolant is specially designed for superior engine safety and performance, but it only works correctly when there is enough of it in the system. The most common coolant leak encountered in most Audi vehicles occurs from the coolant expansion tank. This is near the front of the engine compartment on the passenger side. It is plastic and can crack from age or heat and leak. 

Coolant leaks can be difficult to detect, but they usually become evident in a puddle underneath your car. You may smell a sweet odor when the engine is hot. Your coolant level can also be low in the expansion tank, which usually means it is also low in the radiator. Ottohaus Audi technicians can check for leaks and replenish coolant levels to keep your vehicle operating efficiently and safely. 

Beware of Damage to the Radiator or Hoses 

Persistent leaks can damage your Audi’s complex cooling system and engine. Multiple hoses and connectors circulate coolant, and any crack or loose connection can cause fluid loss. Road debris can also fly up underneath your car and damage the radiator. Prolonged running with low coolant and higher engine temperatures can severely damage your powertrain systems. 

A coolant system check is part of your Audi’s routine maintenance, which we perform here at Otttohaus. Our technicians inspect hoses, connectors, radiators, the coolant expansion tank, fluid levels, and engine temperatures to ensure optimal performance. We can detect leaks and prevent serious and costly damage. 

Use the Proper Coolant Type 

Audi is committed to engine safety and performance, and that’s why they recommend specific coolant to protect your engine from overheating and corrosion. Audi coolant contains an antifreeze agent that prevents the coolant from freezing in cold weather and a rust inhibitor that helps to protect your engine from corrosion. You cannot use any old coolant in your precision-made Audi engine. Incompatible coolants or antifreeze can deteriorate gaskets and seals, causing leaks and damage. 

Color has no bearing on whether a coolant is the right one for your Audi. Always trust your Ottohaus Audi repair technician’s recommendations for the proper type and amount of coolant for your German-engineered engine. 

Coolant Service at Your Charleston Audi Repair Shop 

Most Audi models require a coolant system flush and refill every two years or 30,000 miles. Some newer models may have different requirements. Your Ottohaus repair technician knows the proper intervals, coolant types, and more to keep your vehicle running cool and strong for the long haul. We can do coolant system checks as part of routine maintenance or if you suspect problems. 

Contact us for a coolant system check if your Audi is: 

  • Running hot or overheating 
  • Leaking coolant 
  • Producing sweet odors when hot 
  • Low on coolant in the expansion tank 
  • Over two years old without a coolant system check 

Regardless of your Audi model, keeping the coolant system operating properly is essential to getting the most out of your car. Call us at Ottohaus of Charleston today to schedule a coolant system service on your older or newer Audi.