Renowed Performance

Your Mercedes has a rich history of quality performance and appealing aesthetics. Its character, comfort, and class places it in a category among the most elite industry giants. The lineup of Mercedes legends is one that continues to grow and demand attention in the automotive industry. It’s a global staple in the automotive industry of luxury vehicles. The performance and features are in a class of their very own. The innovative thinking, time, and professionalism that’s devoted to the manufacturing of such a beautiful beast is indescribable. An automobile that possesses this capacity of integrity, design, and power can only be maintained and serviced by certified industry professionals with the innovative equipment.

An alternate to the Overpriced

With continuous factory tier training and knowledge, we offer sensible solutions, reasonable prices, ad quality services to our customers. Our team of professionals deliver or exceed OEM quality mechanisms and parts. We offer attractive warranty provisions that meet or exceed industry standard. It is our duty and pleasure to provide you with the specifics, diagnostics, and solutions in the service of your Mercedes. As your Mercedes Auto Repair service provider, we take pride in maintaining your vehicle, and extend the same integrity to you as our customer. We are dedicated to giving you a pleasurable experience by providing you with the best of everything we have to offer. Service with honor, respect, and a professional approach is what our goals are built on. We have the best of everything to honor your vehicle service needs. Specializing in Mercedes auto service and repair, with original equipment parts, you can be confident that your Mercedes is capable of performing at its best, and at the top of its class whenever you test it on the highway. We are proud to provide the services you need at a cost that usually much less than dealerships.


There is an abundance of vehicle manufactures that are rolling out new models each year. The knowledge and expert attention your Mercedes requires cannot be trusted to a “one service” fits all service and repair center. Our professional team of mechanics are adept and experienced in deciding and providing top solutions and Mercedes repair service, which helps to preserve your budget and time. Because we are service specialist, we are on top of the latest and most innovative technology advances and service process for the complete lineup of Mercedes vehicles. We spend endless days listening to horror stories from owners who’ve exhausted their time and money on pointless repairs because the mechanic spent hours making bad or unnecessary repairs. We are here to prevent you from enduring countless headaches by getting it right the first time around. Some issues are more complicated than others, and even with our skills and knowledge, we must bring in some other major players. Therefore, we rely on advanced software, innovative tools, and industry diagrams to make accurate and expedited diagnosis to provide you with the best quality of care.

As a Mercedes owner, you shouldn’t trust the quality performance and longevity of your vehicle to anyone but Ottohaus.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment or stop by to meet the team.