Your Audi transmission transfers power from the engine in different levels to power the vehicle at a wide range of speeds. How do you know when your transmission needs Audi repair in Charleston? Although about 90% of transmission problems stem from low fluid levels, you should always pay attention to warning signs. 


Here are the top signs your Audi transmission needs repair with the seasoned technicians at Ottohaus of Charleston. 

Warning Lights 

The check engine light alerts you to problems anywhere in the vehicle’s drivetrain, including the transmission. Select models have separate warning lights for the transmission and engine, but others will display a single light for both. Some may even give a text warning on the dashboard readout. A warning light will often be the first indicator of a problem. Always have warning lights investigated by a local technician skilled in Audi repair. 


Mysterious leaks leaving pools of fluid indicate you need quick Audi repair. Your transmission requires fluid to lubricate moving parts in your gearbox. Fluids prevent overheating and facilitate smooth operation. Seals and gaskets can begin leaking over time or after excessive wear. Look under your vehicle frequently as you walk toward it to see if a puddle has accumulated. If so, have it checked at Ottohaus soon. 


Strange odors coming from your Audi are always cause for concern. Have a seasoned Audi repair technician promptly investigate a sweet or burning rubber smell. Transmission fluid can break down over time as debris and sludge accumulate from use. The poor-quality fluid can burn instead of lubricating moving parts, causing extensive damage. 


Cars can make all sorts of noises. Even smoothly operating vehicles can make a noise now and then. Constant or persistent noises like clicking, clunking, buzzing, whining, or roaring often indicate transmission problems. Only an experienced Audi repair technician can investigate and determine the cause. Common causes of strange Audi transmission noises include low fluid levels, bad bearings, damaged internal seals, and worn gears. 

Performance Issues 

Your Audi can begin behaving strangely when your transmission has problems. This can happen with or without a warning light signaling an issue. Here are the most common performance issues that can indicate a transmission problem. 


  1. Shaking or Jerking – If your Audi starts shaking or jerking while driving, this is likely a problem with your transmission. Get it to Ottohaus of Charleston as soon as possible. 
  2. Slow Shifting – Something needs repairing if your automatic transmission takes longer than usual to shift between gears or the shifting as you drive feels particularly rough or clunky.
  3. Engine Revs High and Lacks Power – When you attempt to accelerate, and your engine revs higher than usual without the expected increase in speed or the power delivery is inconsistent, this is a transmission problem. 
  4. Transmission Won’t Go Into Gear – If your shifter will not move from Park to Reverse or Drive smoothly, you have a transmission problem. You should have your Audi towed to Ottohaus of Charleston immediately. 

Quality Audi Repair in Charleston 

Ottohaus of Charleston Audi technicians are specialists with the latest training and extensive experience on your high-end Audi vehicle. And Audi repair with us is typically 30-40% less than the local dealer. We only work on German-made cars, so we see the same issues frequently and can diagnose and repair them quickly. 


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