Audi has long been known for offering luxury and performance at a competitive price, and this is certainly true of the best-selling A4 model. Since its introduction in 1995, the A4 4-door sedan has become a popular choice for many auto owners. U.S. News & World Report says the 2023 Audi A4 is among the best luxury small cars you can buy


Although well-known for their reliability, older A4s also have some common problems. Ottohaus of Charleston can provide quality Audi auto repair for these and other common A4 issues. 

Electrical Problems 

As luxury vehicles become more high-tech, the number of electrical glitches will likely increase. Numerous electrical issues have been reported by A4 owners with different year models. Among these are: 


  • Digital instrument panel displays 
  • Faulty brake lights
  • Faulty wiper motors
  • Faulty turn signal relays 
  • Malfunctioning electric window motors 
  • Engine management circuit board failures 


The right advanced diagnostic equipment at a specialty Audi auto repair shop like Ottohaus of Charleston can allow technicians to quickly diagnose and repair these problems and get your car back to prime operating condition. 

Drivetrain Problems

Audi engines are well-known for performance, and also for two notable problems


  • Fluid leaks 
  • Ignition coil failures 


Keep watch for spots or puddles underneath your Audi or where you routinely park. Light wisps of smoke from underneath the hood or a burning smell are also telltale signs of an oil or other fluid leak that needs attention. 


Other commonly reported problems include carbon buildups inside the engine, vacuum leaks, faulty oxygen sensors, catalytic converter faults and timing chain tensioner failures. Your local German-made auto repair specialist can assess any drivetrain problems and make the necessary repairs. 

Drainage Problems 

Another peculiarity of the Audi A4 is drainage problems. Most notably, the outflow pipe located under the battery can become clogged with leaves or other debris and allow backflow into the passenger compartment. If you notice a wet floorboard or even pooled water, this is the likely culprit. Ignoring this problem can lead to extensive and costly interior damage. 


Another area with reported drainage problems is the sunroof. If your A4 model has a sunroof, be sure the small drains around it remain open. When these become clogged, backflow can run into and damage the sunroof control modules. Replacing the rubber seals around the sunroof periodically or when they become worn or damaged can help stave off this issue. 

Suspension & Brake Problems 

Audi A4s boast a superior driving experience, as do all Audi vehicles. This is due to precision engineered suspension systems. Unfortunately, these systems are also prone to wear out prematurely. If you notice a difference in the ride comfort or handling characteristics of your A4, the likely culprit is one or more suspension components. 


Squeaky brakes are also common on Audi A4s. While this may not bother you, it can be a sign of prematurely worn brake pads or other system components. More importantly, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) control module has been known to fail, causing wheels to lock up under heavy braking. A more minor issue is the dashboard brake warning light can stay on, due to a faulty internal switch. 

Reliable Audi Auto Repair in Charleston 

When you need reliable Audi auto repair in Charleston or North Charleston, contact us at Ottohaus. Our experienced, factory trained technicians routinely repair many Audi A4 problems quickly and efficiently, and at the lowest cost possible. Call, message us online, or drop by either location and tell us about your Audi A4 problems.