Fall and cooler temperatures are approaching, and your Audi in Charleston may need some routine maintenance. Keeping up with the little things can prevent more significant problems. Ottohaus of Charleston specializes in Audi repair and maintenance tasks. We recommend the following routine checkups for Fall. 

Climate Control System Inspection

The heating and cooling systems on high-end Audi vehicles can be complicated. They rely on a series of vents, center console controls, and the free flow of air to the heater core or AC compressor. After a long summer of hot weather, your AC compressor, coolant, and condenser should be checked. Your heater core, long dormant over the summer, should also be checked to ensure it functions properly. The first shock of cold weather is not the time to discover your heater doesn’t work. 


The cabin air filter in your Audi is another critical component to check. Summertime air in the Low Country is filled with pollen, dust, and contaminants that can quickly clog this filter and pollute cabin air. Changing this filter as fall begins keeps your driving atmosphere clean and healthy. 

Tire Inspection

Tires absorb incredible wear and abuse as we drive. Heat at high speeds, damaged road surfaces, debris, oil, rain, many turns, and sudden braking all take a heavy toll. A healthy practice is to have your tires inspected each season or when it’s time for a scheduled oil change. 


Maintaining the recommended tire pressure keeps your tires operating at peak performance and improves gas mileage. Measuring tire wear and tread depth keeps you aware of when you need replacement tires. Rotating your tires helps them wear normally and last longer. Ottohaus of Charleston can inspect your tires when you come in for any Audi repair or maintenance. 

Battery System Inspection 

Heat and cold wear on your Audi’s battery. Terminals can become corroded over time, and debris can accumulate on your battery, hindering good electrical connections. Have your battery tested in the Fall before cold weather to ensure it is in good working condition and ready for temperature changes and winter’s demands. 


Ottohaus Audi repair technicians can clean your battery’s terminals and test it to accurately determine its condition. We also have replacement batteries in stock when you need one. Better to replace a potentially weak battery than be stuck with a dead one in colder weather. 

Wiper Blade Replacement 

You likely haven’t used your wipers much during the summer, and they can deteriorate. The hot summer sun can cause them to degrade, dry out, or even melt. Worn or dried-out wiper blades do not clear your windshield properly, lowering your visibility and risking your safety. Fall brings wetter weather, and you need good-quality wiper blades in place when the rains begin. 


This small expense pays off handsomely in heavy rain and snow. Ottohaus of Charleston keeps many sizes of Audi wiper blades handy to make these simple replacements a snap when you visit us for Audi repair or maintenance. 

Scheduled Maintenance 

Of course, keeping up with your Audi’s scheduled maintenance is imperative. Regular oil and filter changes, timing belt inspections, transmission fluid checks, light system checks, and other necessary maintenance keep your Audi operating at optimum levels and help keep you safe. Check your Audi’s recommended maintenance schedule to see when you should come to Ottohaus of Charleston for these crucial tasks. 


Contact Ottohaus of Charleston at (843) 732-2793 or Ottohaus of North Charleston at (843) 279-4175 to schedule your Fall Audi repair or maintenance requirements.