The battery in your high-end Audi car performs heavy lifting every time to turn the key, so keeping it in good shape is essential. Many car owners know the sinking feeling of trying to start their vehicle and hearing that slow engine turnover or the grind of death that means your battery is weak or depleted. 


Instead of getting stranded at the worse possible time, pay attention to your car and note any warning signs that your battery could be getting weak. Let’s look at some things our Audi Auto Repair specialists at Ottohaus of Charleston reveal could cause your Audi battery to go bad. 

Battery Drainage Causes 

Your Audi battery should last between three to five years, depending on the model, your driving habits, and many other factors. When customers bring their Audi to Ottohaus of Charleston with battery failure issues, it is typically one of the culprits we discuss below. 

Advanced Electronics 

Modern Audis contain many electrical components and amenities for driver convenience and safety. Some of these can require power even when your car is not running. Letting your Audi sit unused for periods of time can cause your battery to become weak and unable to start the car when you need it. 

Extra Components 

Car owners often add extras to personalize their driving experience, and many of these require power. Poor installations can cause these new components to draw power from the battery even when the car is not running. They can also draw too much power, overloading the alternator and requiring the battery to supply the extra. This can drain your battery quickly and cause it to fail sooner. 

Excessive Heat or Cold 

Batteries are affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures. Intense heat or deep cold can deplete the battery’s internal processing capacity and weaken it, causing it to fail when you need it most. If you operate an Audi in excessively hot or cold conditions, check your battery frequently for any signs of weakness. 

Loose or Corroded Connections 

Loose or corroded battery connections can cause the battery to spark, overheat, or otherwise deteriorate and become weak. Vibration is a culprit that can cause battery cables to become loose and have poor connections. Be sure your battery is securely tied down and cannot move, and check the cables periodically to ensure they are tight. Corrosion buildup can hinder your battery’s connection and performance. Clean posts and cables regularly to prevent this from happening. 

Leaving Lights or Other Components On

Leaving the interior lights on in your Audi for long periods without the car running is a severe drain on the battery. The same goes for the headlights or sound system. Excessive use of these systems while the car is turned off will run down the battery quickly and weaken its ability to maintain a substantial charge. 

Signs Your Audi Battery Needs Replacement 

Catching a weak battery before it fails is always preferred to getting stuck somewhere in Charleston and needing help. Here are some warning signs that may indicate you need a new battery:


  • Dim Headlights 
  • Slow Engine Crank
  • Clicking Noise When Attempting a Start 
  • Low Battery Fluid Level
  • Excessive Battery Post/Cable Corrosion
  • You Can’t Remember Your Last Battery Change/Inspection


One of the best ways to prevent an unexpected failure is to have your battery inspected whenever you come to Ottohaus of Charleston for routine maintenance. Our specialists can check your battery condition while performing other vital services and catch any problems before they grow more serious. 

Audi Auto Repair and Battery Service in Charleston, SC 

When you need Audi Auto Repair, like battery service or replacement in Charleston, SC, call Ottohaus of Charleston at 843-790-2893. We can check your battery and perform a quick replacement while you wait so you won’t lose valuable time in your busy schedule.