These days, everyone is more eco-aware and eco-friendly. Even major automotive companies like Volkswagen are designing cars with environmental concerns in mind. But choosing a newer vehicle is not the only way to “go green” in your transportation methods. Ottohaus – The German Mechanic – is your local Charleston Volkswagen repair shop, and our technicians recommend some tips for going green with your VW. 

Drive Efficiently | Volkswagen Repair Shop

Going green with your Volkswagen only begins with choosing a fuel-efficient model. Your driving habits and practices also make a significant difference. Our seasoned VW technicians recommend the following ways to drive more efficiently

  • Drive Less: Walking everywhere may not be workable in Charleston, but you can still drive less. Make one round trip to do several errands. Choose public transportation or ride-sharing services. Carpool with workmates who live nearby. Take advantage of grocery delivery services. 
  • Drive Smart: How you drive your car matters. Pull out and brake slowly. Drive at moderate speeds. Lighten the load in your trunk to use less fuel. Park in the shade, lower the windows, and use less A/C. Don’t sit and idle for long periods. Turn your car off when waiting in line. 

Use a Commercial Car Wash 

New commercial automated car washes are all the rage, but did you know that they are more eco-friendly than washing your car at home? Most people buy a wash membership for the convenience, but there are green considerations, too. 

  • Commercial car washes use far less water than your home garden hose to wash a car; plus, they recycle water and use even less. The high-pressure spray nozzles also use far less water.
  • Driveway car washing sends oil, grease, and debris into the yard or street and then into nearby streams. Car washes drain water into the local sewer system, where it is properly treated to protect the environment. 
  • Most commercial car washes also recycle towels and other cleaning items instead of using disposables, which helps keep landfills from overflowing. 

Maintain Routine VW Service at Ottohaus 

Routine VW service at the proper intervals helps your car operate smoothly, use less fuel, and produce less emissions. You also save time and money because preventive maintenance helps prevent major breakdowns. 

Plus, Ottohaus of Charleston properly recycles used oil, automotive fluids, and old tires to help protect the environment and conserve resources. This keeps your home garage neat and tidy and ensures proper disposal that meets legal requirements. 

THE German Mechanic for Whatever You Drive | Volkswagen Repair Shop

Ottohaus of Charleston is The German Mechanic for whatever type of German-made car you drive. Many eco-conscious drivers are now choosing EVs or hybrid VW models to reduce their carbon footprint. We can also service these vehicles to help you keep them running smoothly and efficiently for a long time. 

For superior-quality Volkswagen service when you need it, contact either of our VW repair shops at 1913 Sam Rittenburg Boulevard or 9698 Highway 78. Call 843-732-2793 to learn more or to schedule a service appointment.