Every auto owner wants to get the most out of their vehicle, especially with high car prices. Considering what you’ve invested, you need to make your car last for as many years as possible. If you’re a Volkswagen owner, you likey chose this car manufacturer because of their reputation for reliability. But, every vehicle needs the proper care to make it last. 


Here are some valuable tips from a Charleston, SC VW auto repair technician to make your Volkswagen last for the long haul. 

Use the Best Fuel 

Most Volkswagen models are turbocharged, and they perform best with high octane gasoline. Try to avoid mixed fuels containing ethylene or other additives. These can affect your performance, fuel economy and engine function. Of course, if you drive an EV Volkswagen, you have no worries over fuel, but you should become knowledgeable about the best charging practices to keep your electric vehicle battery in peak condition. 

Pay Attention to Routine Maintenance 

Every type of machinery requires routine maintenance to keep it performing at its optimum level, and precision Volkswagen machinery is no exception. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for routine maintenance, including the types of products and maintenance frequency. This will include such things as: 


  • Oil & filter changes
  • Tire pressure checks
  • Tire rotations
  • Air & cabin filter changes 
  • Transmission service 
  • Joint lubrication 
  • Checking/replacing belts 
  • Checking spark plugs/wires 
  • Checking for leaks 


Your local VW auto repair shop can help you with the specific items that need checked at each service interval. 

Practice Tame Driving & Care Habits 

Believe it or not, how you drive can impact how long your VW car and its components last. Tame driving habits do not wear out parts or place undue strain on the vehicle’s systems, making them last longer. 


  • Follow the speed limits 
  • Don’t race your car 
  • Accelerate and brake smoothly 
  • Avoid hauling heavy loads 
  • Avoid rough terrain 
  • Warm up your vehicle before driving 
  • Park your vehicle under cover when possible 
  • Keep your car clean 


Little things compile over time to have an effect on your vehicle. Treat it with care to get the most reliability possible. 

Don’t Ignore Warning Lights 

Your VW car’s warning system is there for a purpose: it is the first line of defense against major problems. When warning lights flash, take notice and watch for them to reappear. When they come on and stay on, avoid driving your vehicle any more than necessary until you can get it to a local VW auto repair shop you trust. They have the advanced diagnostic equipment and experience to discover what is behind the warning light and make the necessary repairs. 


Continued operation when warning lights are on only raises the risk of doing considerable damage to your expensive vehicle. 

Partner with a Reputable VW Auto Repair Shop 

Don’t trust your Volkswagen vehicle to just any VW auto repair shop in Charleston. Ottohaus of Charleston is a specialty firm that only works on German-made vehicles like your Volkswagen. We specialize in these precision-made vehicles and have the knowledge and experience to keep them running at optimal performance for many years. 


Contact us when you need Volskwagen maintenance or repairs in Charleston. We have two convenient locations to serve you.