New Electric Vehicles (EVs) are exploding in popularity as more manufacturers jump on board with efforts to produce models that appeal to consumers. Charging stations are becoming more commonplace in medium-sized and large cities, much like phone booths of old. New tax incentives are even in place to benefit owners and encourage more consumers to purchase an EV. 


While Volkswagen has not saturated the US market with their EV models, there are a number of existing VW EVs available, and an exciting new SUV model is slated for 2023. A question we’re sometimes asked here at Ottohaus of Charleston is, “Does your Volkswagen auto repair services include EV models?” The answer is a resounding YES! 

VW and Electric Vehicles 

Volkswagen is committed to ramping up its worldwide efforts to produce electric vehicles (EVs) to growing demand. The year 2022 saw significant increases in production and sales, in spite of supply chain issues and COVID-19 related shutdowns. The Volkswagen Group increased its deliveries of all-electric vehicles by 27 percent in the first six months of 2022.  


Most VW EVs are sold overseas in various markets. However, The United States claimed a full 8% of Volkswagen’s EV deliveries with 17,000 vehicles. 


EV Volkswagen vehicles available in the US include:  


Compared to Tesla, the acknowledged leader in EVs globally, VW delivered 453,000 vehicles (mostly in EU countries) while Tesla sold over 936,000 worldwide. 


Volkswagen EV sales are expected to rise as they offer more models in the US, and as more committed VW customers switch over from gas-powered cars to EVs in the coming years. 

EVs and Hybrids

It is important to note that “Electric vehicle” and “hybrid vehicle” are not interchangeable terms. EVs and hybrids have many similarities, but they are vitally different in their mode of propulsion. 


  • EV — Electric vehicles are powered entirely by an internal battery that must be charged from an outside source. 
  • Hybrid — Hybrid vehicles sport an engine that runs on both a battery and gasoline, making it a hybrid between a traditional gas-powered engine and an electric car. Standard hybrids use the internal combustion engine and regenerative braking to charge a battery pack. 
  • Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) — These must be charged at an external charging station, because they use electricity to supplement gasoline driving, but receive no charge from the engine. 

The Ottohaus Benefit for EV Volkswagen Auto Repair 

What does this mean for Charleston-area VW owners? The primary takeaway is you can continue to depend on Ottohaus of Charleston for all your Volkswagen service and repairs. Our team continues to train and become educated on all the latest VW vehicles and powertrains, and this includes EVs. 


In fact, the primary Ottohaus benefit still makes us the Volkswagen auto repair shop of choice — we only service German-made vehicles, including Volkswagen. We choose to specialize in this narrow niche so we can provide unparalleled expertise for our customers. As VW adds new EV models here in the United States, Charleston-area residents will purchase them and need repairs. Ottohaus of Charleston is committed to providing our technicians with the latest training and certifications on VW products, including EV powertrains and other new features. 


Contact us today at Ottohaus of Charleston when you need service or repairs for your Volkswagen vehicles. We have two locations to serve you, conveniently located in Ladson, SC and Sam Rittenberg Blvd. in Charleston.