If you’ve ever had the experience of having your car not start when you turned the key in the ignition, you very likely experienced great frustration. Your vehicle probably required some level of professional care, such as having an auto club come to your aid and jump-starting your car so you could take it to a qualified VW repair location.

What causes a car not to start? There are several reasons:


Battery Problems

One of the most common reasons a car won’t start is a problem with the battery. In many cases, the battery isn’t supplying enough power to the starter system. The engine may crank slowly but not start. Often the lights on the dashboard won’t light up. If the battery is dead, your power windows won’t operate, nor will your windshield wipers or anything related to your electrical system. An Ottohaus qualified VW repair technician can diagnose your battery problem and replace it, if necessary.


Your Key Won’t Turn

Another reason you are unable to start your car is the key not turning in the ignition. The most common cause of this is the steering wheel being locked by the ignition lock. This is often because the wheels are turned to the side and are pressed against a curb. Jiggling the wheel back and forth gently will most often allow you to turn the ignition key. However, there may be an issue with the ignition system or the lock itself. Ottohaus of Charleston technicians are trained in VW repair and can attend to this problem for you.


Ignition System Issues

If you can freely turn your key and your battery is functioning properly, you may have an issue with the ignition system. The ignition switch, which sends the signal to the starter, may be in need of repair. Problems with the wiring leading from the ignition switch to the car’s computer or the starter motor may also be the cause. Ottohaus technicians will be able to diagnose this issue and make the necessary repairs.


Contact Ottohaus if your car is not starting properly. We’ll be happy to check your vehicle, identify the problem, and make needed repairs. We have two convenient locations in Charleston to serve you.