If you’re thinking about switching to an electric vehicle (EV), you’re not alone. They are certainly growing in popularity and most automakers are beginning to offer some EV models, some in their traditional gas-powered lines. Volkswagen has been a huge proponent of EVs and has grown their global sales, mostly in the EU; US sales have been hindered by the dearth of available VW models. 

As committed Volkswagen customers consider the switch and begin looking at all the factors involved in adopting an EV, cost to maintain is a major consideration. Does VW auto repair cost more for EVs? Will you be able to get the quality service and repairs required for new EVs? 

Ottohaus of Charleston is your premier Volkswagen auto repair shop in the lowcountry. As our customers begin investigating the pros and cons of owning a new VW EV, we want to help you with facts. Many rumors and opinions abound, and we want to separate fact from fiction. Here are some commonly asked questions about auto repair on gas vs. electric models. 

Common Electric Car Maintenance Questions

If you’re unfamiliar with EVs, some maintenance issues may surprise you. Here are some commonly asked electric car maintenance questions. 

Are EVs and hybrids different? 

Yes. Fully electric vehicles (EVs) use electric motors powered by a battery for propulsion. They require charging from an outside source. Hybrids use both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor for propulsion. The gas engine helps to charge the electric battery. 

Do electric cars need oil changes?

Fully electric cars do not need oil changes. EVs are powered by electric motors that do not use oil. 

Do hybrids need oil changes? 

Yes. Hybrids use both an electric motor and a gas engine for propulsion. The gasoline engine will need oil and filter changes, as well as other normal gas engine maintenance. The schedule will be different due to its dual use of propulsion and charging the large electric battery. 

Does colder weather affect an EVs performance? 

Yes. Low temperatures impact battery chemistry, thereby reducing performance and efficiency. Car and Driver tested this and published this report

Do EV batteries lose charge while not in use? 

Yes. Just like any battery ever made, EV batteries discharge over time, albeit at a much slower rate due to more advanced engineering. 

Does an EV cost more to service?

Many proponents of electric cars claim that EV maintenance costs are lower than gas maintenance costs because there are fewer moving parts and fluids. A report published by the Department of Energy (DOE) in June 2021 estimated the scheduled maintenance cost of a light-duty battery-electric vehicle at less than $.07 per mile. Conversely, a conventional internal combustion engine costs approximately $.10 per mile to maintain. However, a study conducted by Car and Driver produced slightly different numbers and was more unequivocal. 

Superior Volkswagen Auto Repair in Charleston 

Ottohaus of Charleston is your superior Volkswagen auto repair shop for EVs, hybrids, and internal combustion models. Our technicians receive ongoing training and certifications to maintain the latest knowledge and highest quality service. Chances are, whatever problem develops with your VW of any type or model, we’ve already seen it and know best how to resolve it quickly and at the best cost. 


We specialize only in German-made vehicles, including older and the newest Volkswagen models. Bring your VW to Ottohaus in Charleston or North Charleston for routine maintenance or repairs for the best service and pricing.