When you purchase or lease a German car, your dealership or rental company will give you information on how to get the best service possible. One of the many important things they’ll tell you to do is have regular service work done. Service should be done every 12 months or 12,000km, whichever comes first. This can vary depending on the individual car. If you are unsure, call your dealership or rental company and ask what they recommend for your specific model. This service is important to keep your car running at peak performance. Doing regular german repair shop service now will keep it running like new later on (and save you money).

Specialized Service

The first time your car needs service can be overwhelming. Most dealerships and rental companies offer a service department where you can take your car if the dealership is close by. If you have to bring it somewhere else, here are some tips that will come in handy:

– Ask for service coupons from the dealer or company that provides your rental car. You may get a better deal on work, and it could save you money.

– If you had to go somewhere else for service, ask the dealership or rental company what specific things your car needs to be done on regular service. This way they will only do the bare minimum and not overcharge you for unnecessary work.

– Keep all original documents from previous services. This way the new technician will know what was done on previous visits and won’t have to guess.

– If the service is done at a dealership, ask them what to do if your car breaks down or has problems after hours. This should be written in your contract under emergency roadside assistance.

Original Manufacturer Parts

When it comes to service and repairs, whether for an older or newer vehicle, you want parts that match its original specifications. You can get these only from the dealer of the car manufacturer who made your vehicle. If you go to any other source for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, such as a local German repair shop, they will charge you more than if you use the dealership for this same service. When authorized independent shops like Ottohaus sign up for this program with our manufacturer we get discounted rates on these parts. This is how we pass some of those savings onto you! The difference in quality between OEM and aftermarket replacement parts is night and day. Aftermarket parts simply don’t last as long and are one of the most common reasons for premature replacement.

When Service is Due at a German Repair Shop

Most vehicles have a service schedule included with their owner’s manual that states how often certain services are to be performed, based on how many miles you drive your car in a year. If any vehicle modification was made after it left the manufacturer, this schedule will change. For example, if you put larger tires on your car, you must now increase the tire rotations because they take more turns to cover the same amount of ground as before. You can visit our online lookup tool to find out what your specific service schedule should be or sell your vehicle back to us and we’ll gladly check its records for free! Certain models also now come equipped with the Vehicle Health Report to monitor your car’s health.

A regular service schedule should be followed to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently, prolonging its life and ensuring good gas mileage every time you drive it. Our technicians know how to perform all of these services quickly and accurately so that you can get back on the road in no time!

Here at Ottohaus, we welcome customers of all German auto repairs. Our German Repair Shop is spectacular when doing repairs. Let’s work together! Contact us to schedule an appointment.