Repairing any vehicle will cost you money; higher end vehicles will cost more because parts cost more and servicing them can require specialty tools and equipment. When it comes to Audi auto repair, several different problems can become quite expensive. Not all Audis have the same problems, so it is virtually impossible to determine if your particular Audi will face expensive repairs. 


Ottohaus of Charleston only works on German-made vehicles like your Audi. That means we’ve seen a few things and learned a few things about them. Chances are, we have dealt with your problem before with countless other customer vehicles, and will know the best, quickest, and most affordable way to fix it. 

Audi Reliability 

When you see those four rings on the grille, you know this vehicle is near the pinnacle of the automotive food chain. According to Consumer Reports, “Audis rank within the top 10 in terms of new car brand reliability.” 


Some other vehicle evaluation organizations may have a lower opinion of Audi, but no one can dispute their overall quality and luxury. Longtime Audi aficionados swear by their vehicles and, despite some idiosyncrasies, continue to purchase Audis and enjoy them long-term. Ottohaus of Charleston has many clients we know well from seeing them over the years with various Audi products. 

Some Common Audi Repairs 

Our experienced technicians at our Audi auto repair shops in Charleston and North Charleston have seen numerous issues with Audi vehicles. Some of the more common complaints include: 

Electrical Component Failure

Audis can be known for electrical problems. You may notice the dashboard lights or central display lights suddenly do not come on. Some Audi electrical problems cause tail lights to malfunction, or simply not work. 

  • The electrical wiring wears out or connections corrode.
  • We perform a diagnosis of your electrical system to locate the problem and share with you our findings, required parts, and the cost. 
  • A system diagnosis, required parts, and labor can range between $300 and $1,000, depending on the specific electrical problem. 

Ignition Coil & Spark Plug Failure

The ignition coil is a frequent problem on many Audi vehicles, and when it fails, it and all the spark plugs must be replaced. Sometimes the coil will signal a pending failure with spark plug problems, like a cylinder misfire. 

  • The ignition coils have failed.
  • We perform an advanced diagnosis of your vehicle to determine if this is, in fact, the issue. Ottohaus always shares our findings, the solution, and the cost before performing any repairs. Replace ignition coils and spark plugs
  • Replacing the faulty ignition coils and all the spark plugs can range from $450 to $600, depending on your model Audi.

Exhaust Leaks

Audis are known for exhaust leaks, due to the design of the catalytic converter. The converter has a bend that frequently causes the joint connecting the converter to the exhaust pipe to separate. 

  • Exhaust leak at the catalytic converter and exhaust pipe joint.
  • Our technicians perform a diagnosis to test the system, locating the source of the leak, and share the solution and cost. 
  • Replacing the catalytic converter can cost from $1,500 to $1,800, depending on your model Audi.

Oil Leaks

Many Audis use or leak oil. If you notice the smell of burning oil, see smoke from under the hood, or other signs of an oil leak, it’s time for a professional diagnosis. 

  • The most frequent reason for oil leaks are leaking valve covers or gasket seals around the camshaft.
  • We will closely examine your engine for signs of leaks and check all fluid levels, determine the problem, recommend a solution, and provide you with the cost upfront.
  • Replacing gaskets of seals can cost between $300 and $600, depending on the source of the leak. 

Reliable Audi Auto Repair in Charleston 

When you need reliable Audi auto repair in Charleston, contact us at Ottohaus. We have two convenient locations to serve you, and our factory trained technicians routinely repair many Audi problems quickly and efficiently, and at the lowest cost possible. Call, message us online, or drop by either location and tell us about your Audi problems.