Audi is a popular German car manufacturer with the reputation for producing high quality vehicles. Many Audi owners will drive nothing else. However, long-time Audi aficionados can attest that Audi vehicles are known for these two main issues: ignition problems and excessive oil use. 


Ottohaus of Charleston is your local Audi auto repair shop that only focuses on German-made vehicles. We have superior knowledge and experience working on cars in this niche and have seen many Audi vehicles with these problems. Learn more about them here and how we can help keep your Audi on the road longer. 

Ignition Problems 

Audis can have several electrical issues, but failure of the ignition coil is the most common problem. This causes engine misfiring and rough operation, and can even trigger backfires. We have comprehensive Audi scanning and diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the exact cause of any electrical trouble or engine problems. 


If your problem is the ignition coil, you will likely need new spark plugs as well as a new coil module. This is a relatively easy repair that can be accomplished quickly once it is diagnosed. This includes tuning your engine to Audi factory specifications for superior performance and gas mileage.  


A specialty Audi auto repair ship like Ottohaus can quickly detect and repair these and other problems, because we only focus on German-made automobiles like your Audi. That means we are familiar with these and many more problems common to Audi models, and even stock the necessary parts for many of them. 

Excessive Oil Usage 

Another common problem we see with Audi vehicles is excessive oil use. This issue is common across almost every model of Audi, from either using oil or leaking it. Owners of any model Audi with over 60,000 miles should check oil levels frequently and note any new drips or puddles where you typically park your vehicle. 


Some Audi owners even report low oil levels when the car displays no computer warning in the dashboard display. At Ottohaus, our Audi auto repair shop professionals know the most common areas for oil leaks and can find them quickly. We can also run diagnostics to determine why your Audi may be using oil. 


Two of the most common areas for leaks are the valve cover gasket and the camshaft tensioner. These parts will need to be replaced if they display evidence of leaks. 

Your Charleston Specialty Audi Auto Repair Shop 

Can any auto repair shop in Charleston diagnose and fix these problems on your Audi? Maybe or maybe not. Can a general medical practitioner detect the specifics of a heart irregularity? While they may detect the presence of a problem, they are not trained or equipped to help like a heart specialist. 


In the same vein, a general auto mechanic that works on all kinds of cars doesn’t possess the specialty factory training and unique experience of solely working on German-made cars like your Audi. Our technicians possess a vast body of knowledge on Audi vehicles, including common problems we see in our shop. And we know the best repair techniques fix them. 


This includes other common Audi problems, like: 


  • Catalytic converter problems 
  • Gas cap problems 
  • EGR system problems 
  • Electrical unit problems
  • AC problems 
  • Abnormal transmission fluid loss
  • Exhaust unit failure 


Ottohaus of Charleston has two area locations to serve your needs when your Audi needs maintenance or repairs. Call or message us at either location with your questions or to schedule your Audi for service.