Volkswagen Service | Oil Change Language Explained by a Professional Volkswagen Service Center


Volkswagen Service | One of the most important scheduled Volkswagen service provisions for your vehicle is the oil change. The concept of the basic oil change has advanced over the past few years. One step inside an auto supply store will reveal that the available options for motor oil brands and types are endless. 

The variety of oil types to choose from makes it challenging to decide which one is best for your vehicle. For this reason alone, it is recommended that a Volkswagen service professional should conduct these services on your car. Experts are familiar with your vehicle and have the knowledge required to administer the correct motor oil for each vehicle. 


These are some of the additives found in car fluids.

Detergents. Motor oils contain detergents to prevent deposits, corrosion, and rust when vehicle temperatures rise. They are also essential in helping to eliminate solid deposits.

Anti-wear agents. Motor oil doesn’t always fully lubricate. This is why oil changes are a required part of efficient Volkswagen service and maintenance. They work to replace the lubricant that has depleted. Anti-wear agents prevent friction from occurring on the metal surfaces. 

Antioxidants. Thick oil prevents the engine from operating efficiently. Antioxidants work to stop oil from becoming too thick. 

Viscosity-index improvers. Heat causes oil to become thin, which isn’t safe for all type vehicles. Viscosity-index improvers help to decrease the thinning tendency in oil as it heats up. 

Dispersant. Particles that collect in car oil can cause it to become slurry, acidic, or lacquered. Dispersants separate them from the oil to avert the collection of these particles. 

Foam inhibitors. Crankshaft movement can result in foaming. This decreases the oil’s ability to lubricate. Foam inhibitors prevent this by making the bubbles from the foam collapse. 

At Ottohaus of Charleston, we understand that regular maintenance and service can be tedious and costly. We value the approach that the Volkswagen brand takes with their vehicles and commit to deliver a quality of care to our customers, and provide quality service to their vehicles. If your vehicle requires diagnostic testing or a scheduled service check, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to enhancing your Volkswagen ownership experience.