Charleston, South Carolina, is a popular tourist and vacation destination. Life in the low country is simply irresistible, with exquisite seafood, vibrant entertainment, generations of interesting history, and relaxing ambiance. Tour the local plantations, enjoy the beaches, and sample all that historic downtown has to offer. But when your German-manufactured vehicle experiences problems, Ottohaus German Auto Repair is the German repair shop you need. 

Specialty German Repair Shop

German-engineered vehicles are known for their quality and precise attention to detail. Even with this reputation, things can go wrong. Of course, when you’re vacationing in Charleston, the last thing you want or need is a vehicle breakdown. We understand your dilemma, and we want to help. 


As a specialty German auto repair shop, we are the best solution for getting your German-made luxury car operational again, quickly and at the best cost. We choose to specialize in this narrow category of vehicles, which allows us to know them intimately. While other shops with a broader range attempt to figure out what is wrong with your foreign car, we can quickly diagnose and repair it to get you back to your vacation. 


We’ve likely seen this problem before on many other German vehicles of the same model, so we have the expertise to discover the problem and repair it quickly. This saves you time and money — both of which you’d rather be spending with your family enjoying your vacation in Charleston. 

OEM Parts for Quality Repairs 

Ottohaus German Auto Repair also uses only certified OEM parts for your German-made car, to ensure a proper fit and the same quality as you enjoyed with a new car from the factory. Too many aftermarket replacement parts simply don’t work as well as the originals, returning you to the shop for more repairs and wasted time. Plus, since we specialize on a narrow category of German-made vehicles, we can carry the most commonly used parts, so we get you back on the road fast. 

Best Value for German Auto Repairs 

German car owners pay a premium price for a top-of-the-line vehicle for its luxury, comfort, and dependability. They also expect to pay more for repairs, due to the superior engineering of their vehicle and its components. Most of our customers at Ottohaus German Auto Repair are pleasantly surprised at our affordable prices. 


We also do not take advantage of stranded vacationers who are away from home and desperate to get their vehicles repaired quickly. We still offer the best competitive pricing on all our maintenance and repair services. Our superior knowledge and experience with German-made cars lead to faster repairs that cost less than you would expect. 

Great Service with High Standards in Charleston 

Our owner, Leo Colwill, sets the highest possible standards for all our services. He and his team are dedicated to providing great service with high standards at the best possible competitive pricing. Our narrow area of specialty allows us to maintain a high level of expertise, even on the newest models. We constantly train and educate our team on the very latest technologies, so we can service the newest German-made luxury vehicles of all types. 


Contact Ottohaus German Auto Repair in Charleston when your German-made vehicle throws a wrench into your vacation plans. We’re here to get you back on the road quickly with quality service and lowcountry courtesy.