According to Google, this is a popular online and voice-generated search, with over 1,960,000,000 results. Refine your search even further to “where is the best German repair shop near me in Charleston SC” and your choices are narrowed down considerably. You may also notice that the top listing in organic search results, as of August 25, 2022, (not the paid results found at the very top) was Ottohaus of Charleston and North Charleston

Charleston’s Leading Auto German Repair Shop 

Ottohaus is Charleston’s leading auto German repair shop for a few significant reasons. While many repair shops cater to a wide range of auto owners and brands, this can reduce their effectiveness, knowledge, and proficiency. 


Plus, auto repair shops already have a low reputation for being slow, unprofessional, discourteous, and even shady in their attempts to sell clients services they really don’t need. Stories are legion about customers getting taken advantage of by unscrupulous repair shops. They know they have you over a barrel, with your malfunctioning car in their shop. 


Ottohaus of Charleston and North Charleston seeks to change all that. Here’s how. 

A Unique Premise 

Ottohaus owner and operator Leo Colwill has decades of experience with auto dealerships and repair shops, so he has a unique insight on how they regularly fall short of customer expectations. His goal with Ottohaus is to provide great customer service with high standards for quality and your satisfaction, which stems from a passion for automotive excellence. 


Leo knows that many repair shops seek to capitalize on a consumers’ lack of knowledge concerning their vehicles and repairs. Instead, the Ottohaus team seeks to inform and educate every customer about their particular vehicle and its needs, every time you come to us for service. We take responsibility for your auto repair experience from the initial call until after you leave. 


We will make every effort to help you understand what your vehicle needs, and your repair options, so you can make informed decisions. Leo and the entire team at Ottohaus are committed to quality customer service, precision repairs, and honesty in every communication and transaction. 

A Singular Focus 

A large part of creating the unique Ottohaus dynamic, and a significant factor in making us the leading Charleston German repair shop, is our narrow focus. We specialize in, and exclusively perform high-quality repairs on, only German-made vehicles. 


Our trained and skilled technicians undergo continuous training on the latest models and service needs of Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen vehicles. Such a narrow niche of specialty means we are more qualified to diagnose and repair your German-made vehicle than anyone else. 

A Specialty Base of Knowledge 

Our narrow base of specialty means we possess superior knowledge of the German-made brands and models we service. Repeated work on the same brands and models means we’ve seen many of the same issues and problems, and can quickly diagnose them and offer repair options. 


When it comes to Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and Volkswagen vehicles, we’re like a popular insurance company — “We know a lot because we’ve seen a lot.” And that means faster and more accurate diagnostics and repairs, so you spend less time in our shop and more time enjoying your vehicle.  


See for yourself why Ottohaus is the leading German repair shop in Charleston and North Charleston, South Carolina. Contact us today by phone or online at either of our two locations to ask about routine maintenance or repairs when your German-made vehicle develops problems. We know you will be pleasantly surprised with the experience.