Charleston, South Carolina, is an enormously popular vacation destination, and visitors can share plenty of reasons this is true. The Holy City boasts something for everyone, including fine coastal cuisine, plenty of history, exciting nightlife, pristine beaches, beautiful natural attractions — and a Specialty Mercedes Auto Repair Shop.  

Common Mercedes Problems You Could Experience on Vacation 

Even the newest Mercedes cars can experience issues from time to time, so it’s best to know where to take your car in Charleston when these or other problems arise. Our skilled and trained technicians at Ottohaus of Charleston can quickly diagnose and repair your Mercedes and get you back on the road, so enjoying your vacation doesn’t have to take a back seat. 


Here are some common problems we see at our specialty Mercedes auto repair shop from vacationers and tourists. 

Electric Window Problems 

Mercedes window regulators are known to fail, although this is not a problem unique to this particular German automaker. Window regulators contain a number of parts that can wear out or fail, causing slow or non-opening windows. This is not a good thing to suffer when on vacation. Come see us for rapid repairs when your electric windows fail. 

Air Suspension Problems 

Many Mercedes models began using air suspension after 2000, resulting in a high-quality ride. However, over time, these systems have experienced strut and air suspension bag failures that can not only make the car uncomfortable, but can render it unsafe to drive. This problem may be noticed if one corner of the car sits lower than the others, or if the ride becomes increasingly rough. If you experience these problems, your Mercedes should be repaired immediately. 

Automatic Gearbox Problems 

A common problem with some Mercedes gearboxes is the valve body and 13-pin connector. These can fail and cause shifting issues. If your Mercedes has problems going into gear from park to drive, this could be the likely culprit. Get your German-engineered car to us for a quick diagnosis and repair. 

Engine Misfire Problems 

Despite the high quality of German-made Mercedes engines, many models begin experiencing misfires before reaching 100,000 miles; some at around 60,000 or earlier. While this is a common failing, it is usually solved quite easily with new spark plugs. If your engine begins misfiring or running rough while on vacation, Ottohaus of Charleston is your local Mercedes auto repair shop that can handle fast and affordable repairs. 

Leak Problems 

Engine or differential leaks can occur on older Mercedes models, especially when being used constantly in a high heat environment like Charleston. If you notice a puddle of fluid underneath your Mercedes after it has been parked a while, don’t ignore it. Worn seals or graphite buildups can cause leaks that can affect other aspects of the car’s systems. Get your Mercedes to us quickly for expert diagnosis and repairs. 

Don’t Settle for Less on Vacation 

You and your family plan and budget to experience the very best while on vacation in Charleston, and you should. You’ve likely worked hard all year and have well and truly earned some time away to relax, invest in your family, and enjoy all the area has to offer. You may grab a quick burger from a fast food restaurant in a pinch, but you plan on dining at some of the city’s premiere restaurants for exquisite low country fare. 


You shouldn’t settle for less when it comes to service on your Mercedes, either. Being away from home in unfamiliar surroundings may tempt you to take your expensive German car to any available repair shop when something goes wrong. This is a serious mistake, and it is unnecessary when vacationing in Charleston. 


Ottohaus of Charleston focuses only on German-made automobiles, and we are the leading area specialist Mercedes auto repair shop. By focusing on only German-made vehicles like your Mercedes, we have much more experience diagnosing and repairing these quality cars. Our experience and factory knowledge gives us a significant edge over other repair shops in the area. 

Call or message us online today at either of our two Charleston area locations to ask about service needs or problems you may be experiencing with your Mercedes vehicle. We are happy to help and we know how.