New Audis may not have this problem, but older model Audi vehicles are known for ignition coil failures. Ignition coils provide an electrical current to the spark plugs, which fire to ignite fuel in your Audi engine. Signs they are failing include stalls, misfires, and decreased fuel economy. Ottohaus of Charleston Audi auto repair technicians know this problem well and have repaired it on numerous Audi vehicles throughout Charleston and the Low Country. 

What is an Audi Ignition Coil Failure? 

Ignition coil failure is when one (or more; modern vehicles can have one ignition coil per cylinder) of your car’s ignition coils stop working correctly. When one or more begin failing, you will experience engine trouble and lowered performance. If the entire system fails, the vehicle will fail to start or operate at all and require towing to a repair facility. 


This is why it is important to see a reliable Audi auto repair shop as soon as these symptoms begin, or you notice an engine warning light. You can likely prevent further damage to your engine’s electrical and other systems. 

How Will My Audi Auto Repair Technician Repair an Ignition Coil Failure?

The trained Audi technicians at Ottohaus of Charleston will begin by listening to you describe any problems your vehicle is experiencing. They will then use advanced diagnostic equipment to view any error codes the car’s warning system has recorded. The error codes can indicate faulty ignition coils, and even tell the technician which ones are failing. 


  1. The first step is to replace the faulty coils with OEM replacement coils that match your vehicle’s original equipment. The technician will then run another diagnostic test to see if other error codes indicate further problems in the ignition system. 
  2. Ignition coil failures can often cause other problems, like damaging spark plugs. Your Ottohaus Audi repair technician will check these for damage or other signs of problems and replace them as needed. He will also check the spark plug wires for wear or damaged areas and replace any that are needed. 
  3. Another diagnostic check is now performed to ensure smooth operation of your Audi’s ignition and other systems. If the above measures have not solved the car’s problems, a complete ignition system replacement may be necessary, but this is not common. 

What Can I Do to Prevent Another Ignition Coil Failure? 

This is a good question to ask your Ottohaus Audi auto repair technician. Although Audi’s have this common problem, some actions may help preserve the life of your new ignition coils. 


First, your technician will ensure the coils are mounted properly and securely to prevent vibration. Excessive vibration can cause them to fail prematurely. 


Next, your technician may recommend keeping the engine area of your Audi clean and free of debris like leaves. Dirt and dust can build up on the coils and cause increased heat that interferes with their operation. 


Properly gapped spark plugs allow the coil to operate normally. Too wide a gap will cause an ignition coil to work overtime, using more voltage and causing excessive heat buildup. 


Your technician may also point out that ignition coils are to be replaced according to Audi maintenance recommendations to preserve the life of your engine and ignition system. Follow these guidelines, along with other routine maintenance, to keep your Audi vehicle running smoothly for many years. 

Reliable Audi Auto Repair in the Low Country 

Ottohaus of Charleston is your reliable source for Audi auto repair in the Low Country of South Carolina. When your new or used Audi vehicle needs routine service or repairs, call or contact us online to schedule an appointment at either of our two convenient locations.