Audi Service | Important Things to Tell Your Audi Service Technician During a Service Visit

As an Audi owner, you want to give your vehicle the best possible care. Therefore, it is important to maintain the suggested manufacturer service routines. It is equally as important that you share any concerns about your vehicle with the Audi service professional during your maintenance visit. 

Here are a few things that you should always make the mechanic aware of during a service visit.

  • Any missed routine maintenance checks. If you’ve missed an oil change or other suggested scheduled maintenance visits, be sure to let the mechanic know. This is important information that helps Audi service technicians to service your vehicle properly. 
  • Any strange sounds you’ve heard. If your vehicle has been making unusual sounds, make your mechanic aware of this. They are familiar with most abnormal signs and may find something during a routine check. However, it’s important to let him know what you’ve been hearing.
  • Any changes in performance. If you’ve noticed changes in the performance of your vehicle, share the details of those changes with the Audi service mechanic. He can perform an assessment to determine if there are more complex issues surrounding those changes. 
  • Any questions you may have about the services they’re performing. If you are unsure about certain service provisions, let your service professional know. He should be able and willing to address any concerns you may have regarding the services your vehicle is receiving. 


Vehicle service checks are essential for your peace of mind and quality performance of your vehicle. You should establish a trusting relationship with the maintenance technician that oversees your routine maintenance. It allows you to trust that your vehicle is ready to perform on the highway as it should. 


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