Many newer BMW models are completely electric or plug-in hybrids with complex battery systems that require charging. This high-voltage battery is a critical component that powers an electric motor that drives the vehicle. Keeping it in prime working condition is essential. If you are unfamiliar with using an EV battery, you could damage it and eventually cause it to fail prematurely. 


Ottohaus of Charleston, your local BMW repair shop in the Low Country, has trained and experienced technicians who know about your BMW’s battery and charging system and can help when problems arise. Here are some common factors that can lead to EV battery failure and some crucial preventive measures to prevent them. 

Over or Under Charging

Perhaps the most significant new EV owners do to damage their car’s battery system is charging it too much or using it until the battery is dangerously low. Charging your battery properly can help it last longer and prevent catastrophic failures. Overcharging the battery beyond its recommended capacity can strain the cells and increase the risk of failure. Pushing the limits of your battery and using it until the charge is very low also wears on the cells, causing imbalances and reducing its performance and longevity. 


BMW recommends avoiding fast charging unless necessary and then only sporadically. Fast charging generates more heat that stresses the battery cells. Use only BMW’s recommended charging infrastructure. Keep the battery’s charge level between 20% and 80%. Your high-end BMW EV or plug-in hybrid vehicle has an integrated system so you can monitor your charging session and help you use good charging habits. 

Environmental Factors

Your BMW’s primary usage environment can have a significant impact on battery life. Extreme hot or cold can degrade an EV battery’s capacity. Thermal stress from extreme temperatures degrades the internal battery components and reduces its performance. 


Mitigate the environmental impact on your EV whenever possible. Park in shaded areas and avoid prolonged sitting in direct sunlight. Store your EV in a garage or under cover when not in use. Thermal management systems are available for your BMW electric vehicle to help stabilize its temperature in extreme conditions. 

Routine Use

Just like any component, your EV’s high-voltage battery ages with use and wears out. The capacity diminishes with many chargings and discharges so that it holds a charge for less time and takes longer to recharge. There can also be manufacturing defects like faulty cell modules or assembly mistakes that can contribute to a battery failure. 


BMW releases regular software updates that can improve battery charging profiles, energy management, thermal endurance, and more. Be sure to install the latest software updates from BMW and give your EV the latest advancements to help it last as long as possible and give reliable service. 

EV BMW Repair Shop in Charleston 

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