BMW has long boasted that their vehicles provide “the ultimate driving experience.” BMW owners doubtless agree, as BMW has one of the highest returning customer rates in the automotive industry. Long-term or repeat BMW owners want to extend that ultimate driving experience for as long as possible, and that requires a local BMW auto repair shop they can trust in Charleston, SC. 

What Contributes to the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience? 

How does BMW create its “ultimate driving experience” that keeps avid owners keeping their favorite models as long as possible, then returning for more? Several factors about both old and new BMWs stand out whenever owners are queried about their experience. 

Power & Performance 

BMW consistently offers the sheer engine power that translates to driving pleasure. Weight distribution, strong acceleration, smooth shifting, and responsive steering all combine to make BMW models fun to drive, whether it’s your daily commute or the special weekend ride. 

Style & Comfort 

BMWs cradle drivers and passengers in comfort, which is especially important for those with long commutes or spending hours stuck in traffic. And BMW is on the leading edge of providing top technological amenities, like being the first automaker to allow you to lock, open and start your car with an iPhone

Safety Features 

BMW doesn’t skimp on advanced safety features on their later model vehicles, including active protections for focus and fatigue alert, parking distance control, automatic collision mitigation technology, and more. Plus, the traditional sturdy construction of BMWs make them even feel more solid and safer than many competitors. 

Status Symbol 

There’s just something about pulling into the parking lot at work in a BMW. The brand just communicates status, style, and success. Owning and driving a BMW says something about you, something you are proud to showcase by driving it. 

A Fan Favorite with Questionable Reliability 

With all this and more in the credits column, BMWs are known for their questionable reliability. Popular auto website MotorBiscuit says, “BMW is an expensive car with marginal reliability.” According to the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study, BMW ranks 10th out of 32 car brands. One auto repair guide website placed BMW’s Reliability Rating at 2.5 out of 5.0, which is 30th out of 32 evaluated car brands. 

Newer models have improved the reliability factor, with the 2020 Consumer Reports rankings placing every BMW tested in the above average category, elevating the brand to 8th overall. They found the BMW i3 EV and the X6 midsize SUV to be the most reliable. 

Still, come common problems with older models include: 

  • N54 engine issues (like found in the 35i)
  • X6 (2014-2019) 
  • E46 M3
  • Engine cooling systems
  • Oil leaks
  • Vibrations when braking
  • Faulty tail lamps/error messages 

Specialty BMW Auto Repair Shop in Charleston 

If you’re a dedicated BMW afficanado, you know that these mostly solid cars sometimes need repairs. And reliable routine maintenance can keep them running smoother, longer. Ottohaus German Auto Repair is your local Charleston specialty BMW auto repair shop with vast and reliable experience in BMW repairs. 

Our team has the training, certifications, and specialized expertise to diagnose and repair BMW problems quickly and efficiently, because we see more of them than other auto repair shops with a broader scope. Narrowing our focus allows us to deliver top-tier quality service that saves you time and money, fixing problems the first time correctly to keep you on the road longer. 

Contact Ottohaus German Auto Repair when you need dependable service from a BMW auto repair shop in Charleston.