Consumers who own luxury BMW vehicles are understandably choosy when picking a specialist for BMW auto repair. While reputation, speed, and customer service are all high considerations, the number one factor many owners evaluate is price. Are local BMW auto repair shops cheaper than dealerships? 

Your Local BMW Dealership 

Your local BMW dealership should be expected to have the very latest equipment and tools for diagnosing and repairing any model BMW. Their technicians can be expected to have factory training and access to the latest software updates to keep the most modern BMW vehicles running smoothly. And, they can provide authorized warranty service, something that cannot be obtained by independent BMW auto repair shops. 

Of course, along with that comes some disadvantages. Manufacturer-connected BMW dealerships are known for pricing their parts and services considerably higher than independent BMW auto repair shops. Sometimes the markup can be as high as 100% or more! Add to that extraordinarily high service rates and other hidden fees, and your bill could be astronomical if you are not in for warranty service. 

Auto dealerships mainly work on warranty projects, so customer-pay projects may take a backseat. Your wait at the local BMW dealership could be considerable, which can be a serious inconvenience. They may or may not provide you a vehicle to use while you wait. Many only offer rides to another location — it’s in their best interests to get you off the property so you aren’t waiting and putting pressure on them to hurry your repairs. 

Charleston’s Best BMW Auto Repair Shop 

Your experience at Ottohaus of Charleston will be completely different. As Charleston’s Best BMW Auto Repair Shop, we provide a completely different experience, although we offer many of the same top-line benefits of a local BMW dealership. 

Our technicians have also received the latest factory training on all makes and models of BMW vehicles. We also use the latest and most modern diagnostic equipment and tools to perform repairs. And, we can also provide the latest software upgrades for your BMW. You can get the very best service available from Ottohaus of Charleston. 

Plus, you can expect even more! 

  • We also use OEM parts on your BMW, but with no excessive markup in price 
  • Our service rates are competitive, often considerably lower than the local dealer shop
  • Our technicians only service German-manufactured vehicles like your BMW, so we’ve seen the same issue numerous times and know the fastest and best way to make repairs. 
  • We can also use aftermarket parts if you request to save you even more money!
  • We prioritize every customer service task, so you get faster service and better satisfaction than from a local auto dealership. 

At Ottohaus, we believe value is more than a fair price. To us, value is providing high-quality components and service, without the inflated costs. The Ottohaus Guarantee is that we do everything possible to make sure your BMW repair is done right the FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME!  When your BMW needs service in Charleston, South Carolina, bring it to Charleston’s Best BMW Auto Repair Shop. We have two locations to serve you for even more convenience, and we’re happy to provide quotes on many of our services and repair jobs. Contact us today by phone or online, or drop by our locations in Charleston or Ladson/North Charleston for a visit.