VW Services | The Essential Volkswagen Service Milestones for Your Vehicle

VW Services | There is no secret that all vehicles must undergo regularly scheduled maintenance checks for optimum performance. At the point of purchase, the salesman likely introduced you to the service manager who relayed the best maintenance schedule for your vehicle type. You were listening but the excitement of purchasing a new car caused a haze to cloud almost everything you were told.

Regular maintenance helps to ensure that your vehicle will deliver the quality of performance you expect should you decide to drive it forever or eventually sale or trade it. Maintaining milestones helps you to get the most out of your vehicle. Here are milestones you should consider for your vehicle.

10,000- Mile Mark

This is a major milestone for your vehicle. Once it hits 10,000 miles, there are several Volkswagen service checks to be performed. The auto mechanic should perform a check and diagnostics of fluid-levels and inspect the vehicle’s airbag. Headlights, wipers (windshield and rear) and both windshields should be inspected. Replacement of the oil filter is recommended at this point. Top off reservoir fluids and reset the interval display system.

30,000 Mile Mark

Once your vehicle reaches 30,000 miles, the Volkswagen service center should repeat the performance checks done at 10,000 miles. There should also be an in-depth inspection performed on brake pads and discs. If applicable, check clutch fluid and balancing of tires may be necessary. Mechanic may also perform an alignment inspection and coolant services at this milestone service appointment.

60,000-Mile Mark

As you can imagine, it is essential to perform all previous milestone checks at this point. Battery checks should be performed, as wells as shock absorbers. The following filters should be replaced: fuel, dust and pollen. Tire tread should be inspected, as well as the spare tire.

100,000-Mile Mark and Higher

This is the milestone that declares your vehicle is built to last. As mileage gets higher, comprehensive checks are extremely important. Be proactive in ensuring that you acquire the necessary Volkswagen service and maintenance schedule as recommended. This milestone service check-up should include an inspection of the transmission, engine, lighting, cooling system, nuts and bolts and the underbody of the vehicle.

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