If you remember this pervasive word from Volkswagen’s multi-year advertising campaign through the early 90s, you are likely a die-hard VW aficionado. Literally translated as “driving enjoyment,” the term Fahrvergnügen came to embody the VW driving experience for many owners. Even today, whether you’ve heard of this old ad or not, Volkswagens offer a superior ownership experience. That’s why you don’t trust yours to just any VW auto repair shop

Smart to Buy. Smarter to Own. 

This new generation advertising slogan also embodies the modern Volkswagen ownership experience. Whether you choose a new Arteon, Tiguan, Jetta, Atlas, Taos, or another model, new VWs build on the older legacy of quality craftsmanship and efficient drivability. In fact, a study by Vincentric revealed that several models of popular Volkswagens require less maintenance than competitor vehicles in the same category, resulting in lower maintenance costs over time. 


Of course, keeping your favorite Volkswagen on the road and out of the repair shop contributes to just how much Fahrvergnügen you experience. Newer VWs may require less maintenance, but routine servicing is an important contribution to keeping breakdowns and other problems at an absolute minimum. 

Common Volkswagen Problems 

Although your Volkswagen is a fine example of German engineering, sometimes things do go wrong. Your later model VW uses software to diagnose itself and let you know when something is amiss. Older VWs rely on a VW repair specialist to figure things out. In either case, Ottohaus German Auto Repair in Charleston is your specialty VW auto repair shop with the skills and expertise to return your vehicle to the road quickly. 


Some common Volkswagen problems we see and repair include: 


  1. Check engine light is on — note the color of the warning light: yellow is a warning that something needs to be checked; red indicates that immediate service is needed for a problem. Frequently, a yellow check engine light is caused by: 
  • Loose or damaged fuel filler cap
  • Faulty catalytic converter
  • Faulty oxygen sensor 
  • Engine running too hot
  • Worn spark plugs 
  1. Problems with the wiring harness — electrical problems can cause the check engine or other warning lights to blink on and off, or erratic behavior with the engine. VW Jettas with more than 100,000 miles often develop problems with shorts in the wiring harness, which can only be diagnosed and repaired by a qualified technician. 
  2. Airbag malfunction light — this is critically important, as it is a safety issue. Many VW models see this occur as they near or exceed 100,000 miles. New models may even have a related recall, but an older model will require servicing at a local specialty VW auto repair shop. 
  3. Electric coil failure — this problem is particularly seen in some Passats when they approach 75,000 miles. 
  4. Engine sludge — although your quality engineered VW is made to last, routine maintenance that includes periodic oil changes is vital. Engine sludge builds up and degrades performance, and can even cause catastrophic engine failure. 

Your Local Specialty VW Auto Repair Shop 

Volkswagen owners know they have something special — that’s why they want a local specialty VW auto repair shop that provides dealer-level service and routine maintenance in Charleston. A run-of-the-mill auto shop will not have the specialized training, certifications, and experience required to perform top-tier maintenance you require for your Volkswagen. Nor will they have a ready supply of the genuine OEM parts you want for your vehicle. 


Ottohaus German Auto Repair is a unique specialty VW auto repair shop with locations in Charleston and Ladson, South Carolina. Competency and proficiency in German auto repair is our only focus, and having this narrow focus allows us to specialize in many concerns that can arise on these vehicles. We can diagnose and repair your problems while other shops are wasting valuable time and your money trying to figure out what is happening. 


When your newer or earlier model Volkswagen needs routine maintenance to keep it running strong, or you require service for a problem, trust your vehicle investment to Charleston’s own specialty VW auto repair shop. Contact us at Ottohaus German Auto Repair today