VW Service | Customer Service Matters When Choosing a Volkswagen Service Center

VW Service | Auto service professionals are tasked with several responsibilities. They spend the majority of their work day looking under cars or underneath the hood of one. Volkswagen service and repairs aren’t the only tasks that professional mechanics face. There is also the aspect of customer relations.


How To Identify Quality Customer Service


As a customer, you can easily tell when customer service is bad. There are a few common indicators that alert you of the quality of care provided by a Volkswagen service center.  If you feel that customer service is less than quality, you should take your business and your vehicle elsewhere.

Here are a few signs that customer service is not what it should be in the auto service center.

  1. Failure to Return Calls


If you’ve called a Volkswagen service center and they failed to return your call within 24 hours or less, don’t call back. You want to choose a service provider that is attentive to your needs and has the time to return your calls.

  1. Long Wait Times


If you have a service appointment and are forced to wait for extended periods of time with each visit, you may need to consider going elsewhere. It is customary for professionals to make you aware of issues that may prevent them from providing timely service. If you’re left wondering with no updates on your vehicle, that’s bad customer service.


  1. Negative Reviews


Not all reviews are positive for business but if you see more negative reviews than positive, it could be a sign of poor customer service. This is especially true if the Volkswagen service provider doesn’t attempt to respond to the review to offer positive solutions.


Many vehicle owners are extremely specific when it involves their cars. They have invested a great deal of money on their vehicle, which makes their discernment understandable. It is important that Volkswagen service centers make their customers feel comfortable with the services they provide. This begins the moment they call or step into the service department. Many shops lose customers because their customer service isn’t as polished as the tools they use for repairs.


Ottohaus of Charleston provides quality customer service from the initial interaction with potential and existing customers. Contact us today for all your vehicle service and repair needs.