Volkswagen Service | Tips that Every VW Owner Should Know


Owning a Volkswagen is a quality experience that many have long awaited. The vehicle delivers quality, comfort and luxury in one package. It is essential to maintain quality upkeep or maintenance to get the most out of the ownership experience.

Preventative service repairs or maintenance helps to extend the life of the vehicle. This extinguishes many of the frustrations and unexpected costs or repairs that occur with unkempt upkeep or maintenance.

Keep the following Volkswagen service tips in mind.

  1. Quotes by phone aren’t reliable. If you encounter a service center that offers a repair quote over the phone, exercise extreme caution. It is rare for this to happen because much like a medical diagnosis, tests are necessary to determine the exact cause of the problem.
  2. Scheduled tire rotations should be maintained. Have a rotation performed on your tires with every two oil changes or at the 6,000 mile mark. Proper tire rotation preserves the thread of the tires and prevents premature breakdown of them.
  3. Never ignore sensor warning lights. If your service engine lights illuminate, you should visit a service center immediately. There are several mechanical components of your VW linked to this sensor. The indicator is a sign that one or more of these components require attention from your Volkswagen service center.
  4. Always consult a certified service center. Never trust the maintenance or service of your vehicle to a non-certified individual or shop. There are consistent changes and updates to the vehicle’s system that require continuous training that only skilled and certified mechanics have access to.
  5. No two cars are the same mechanically. It is important to realize that you can’t diagnose and treat problems with your vehicle based on the experience of another VW owner. It may be that both vehicles are displaying similar issues but the underlying cause could be completely different. Visit a Volkswagen service center for an accurate diagnosis.

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