Audi Repair | Signs You Have Found a Bad Mechanic


Audi Repair | In a perfect world, there would be no bad mechanics. You would be able to trust everything you were told at an auto shop, and all the work would be done properly – and for a fair price. Of course, that’s not reality. When you look for a VW mechanic to care for your vehicle, there is a chance you will find a bad one. Below are three signs to watch for as a warning that you may have landed on a bad VW mechanic.

#1 – Low Prices

Most consumers tend to think of low prices as a good thing, but that is often not the case in the world of auto repair. Ask yourself this question – if this VW mechanic is so good, why are their prices so low? That’s a hard one to answer. A good mechanic is going to charge rates which are in line with other area auto shops, because he or she knows that their work is worth the money. Prices which are much lower than the competition should be a warning that something is amiss.

#2 – Too Quick or Too Long

A mechanic who offers you a timeline which either seems much too short or much too long should be cause for concern. If they say they can get the work done extremely quickly, you need to worry about the quality of that work. On the other end of the spectrum, they might not know what they are doing if they need a long time to complete a simple repair.

#3 – The Place is Empty

The roads in and around Charleston are filled with cars, and those cars all need to have work done from time to time. A good VW mechanic is going to stay busy throughout most of the year. If their shop is empty on a regular basis, there might be a reason for their lack of business.

Thank you for considering Ottohaus of Charleston. We believe we are a good VW mechanic, and we think you’ll agree!