What Should I Ask My Potential Audi Service Provider

You’re on the highway driving your daily route with your favorite song in cue, when you hear a strange noise. Immediately, you turn the volume down to get a better listen as you turn into a public parking lot, and at that moment, the vehicle starts to vibrate. What’s that sound, and what is happening to your car are probably the first questions that come to mind.

Regardless of how small or large the issue may be, you need to find an Audi service professional you can trust. It’s easy to find a service provider, but it’s important to find a quality technician, even if it’s an emergency. The last thing you need is to take your vehicle to a service center that won’t provide the level of service that your vehicle needs and deserves.

Here are a few suggested questions to ask the service professional before allowing them to check your vehicle.

Have you serviced a vehicle like mine before?

Audis are special types of vehicle that require a special caliber of service. Ensure that the technician is experienced in providing quality service to your vehicle type.

Does your service center belong to an automotive association?

Automotive associations maintain strict guidelines that require members to follow industry regulations, as well as a code of ethics set forth by the association.
If the Audi service center is a part of an association, chances are great that they’ll have good work ethics.

Do you offer free estimates?

Find out if the Audi service center offers free estimates and ask the cost associated with diagnostic testing. These numbers will add up once the issues are diagnosed and scheduled for repair. It’s best to ask before the service begins.

Will you get my approval before you make any unexpected repairs to my vehicle?

Sometimes during a service visit an unexpected issue is revealed to the mechanic. Ensure that the mechanic won’t make any repairs without discussing them with you first. Undisclosed repairs can add to your expected final price without your knowledge.

What type of warranty do the service and parts come with?

All warranties are not the same. Ask this question to gain clarity on what type of protection the Audi service and parts have. It’s important to know if the shop or you are responsible for issues related to the quality of the initial repairs.

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