If you’re looking for German auto repair in North Charleston, look no further. Staying Ahead of German Auto Repairs and Maintenance are important for the longevity of the vehicle’s life. Other manufacturers boast about reliability, but when the vehicle is not being taken care of, any vehicle has the potential to break down. To prevent any sudden surprises with your vehicle’s health, it is important to stay ahead of the maintenance schedule.

German Auto Repairs are Not for the Penny-pinchers

The vehicles require maintenance to keep them on the road for as long as possible. Plenty of high mileage drivers will always come together to say the same thing “take care of the vehicle before it takes care of you”. In other words, do the required maintenance before problems arise or deal with a lofty bill when it does happen. No matter what you decide to do, Ottohaus is the premier German auto repair company in North Charleston. We will take care of the problems as they arise but would recommend that we follow the manufacturer’s proper maintenance schedule.

How to Stay Ahead of German Auto Repairs

It is best to perform both the short-term and long-term maintenance checkups. First, it is always important to monitor your vehicle’s oil and coolant levels. This is considered to be the blood and oxygen of your vehicle. Low levels of either engine oil or coolant can result in major engine issues if left untreated. If there is a suspected issue with either the oil or cooling system, it is best to bring your vehicle over to Ottohaus Auto Repair. Also, it is worth checking the vehicle’s long-term fluids. Transmission fluid and transfer case fluid maintenance are essential for helping your vehicle reach its maximum life. Lastly (but not limited to), the vehicle’s differential(s) should be monitored closely when the miles start to add up.

In theory, most German auto repair in North Charleston occurs after the vehicle has encountered an issue. By following the proper maintenance schedule, you will end up saving yourself some serious money and heartache. Here at Ottohaus, we welcome customers of all German auto repairs. Let’s work together! Contact us to schedule an appointment.