Find a Pro for Transmission Repair Work

Simply put, transmission repair work is difficult. The transmission in your vehicle – assuming it is an automatic transmission – is a complex component, and it is obviously essential to the functioning of the vehicle. Without a properly working transmission, you’ll be going nowhere in a hurry. If transmission repair is needed on your German vehicle, we hope you will call Ottohaus of Charleston right away.

We Know Our Stuff

In a shop that works on every kind of vehicle which happens to roll into the garage, the mechanics may not have the necessary knowledge to work specifically on your transmission. That isn’t something you’ll need to worry about when you come to Ottohaus. Since we specialize in BMW, Audi, and VW repair, you can be sure we know our stuff when it comes to vehicles from these car makers. Rather than trusting an important job like transmission repair to someone who’s never been under the hood of your model, come see us for the experience you need on this job.

Plenty of Other Services

If you think your transmission needs repair, come see us right away and we’ll be happy to help. Of course, in addition to transmission repair, we are also proud to offer our customers a long list of other services. We do simple oil changes, we offer brake replacement, and many other forms of car repair. No matter what happens to be wrong with your German vehicle, there is a good chance we can get you rolling once again.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Ottohaus of Charleston. As a car mechanic specializing in the care of BMW, Audi, and VW vehicles, you can trust us to handle even something as complicated as transmission repair with ease. We hope to serve you soon!