Your Volkswagen vehicle is built to last — this is a notable feature of the brand that keeps buyers returning over and over. But anything can go wrong with complex machines, and your Volkswagen transmission can be signaling you it needs work. 


Here are the most common transmission problems we see at our Ottohaus of Charleston Volkswagen Repair Shop. Does anything you read below sound familiar? Call or come see us soon for transmission service and repairs. 

Check Engine Light

This is always the first and most obvious sign of trouble. Your Check Engine Light comes on when your Volkswagen’s onboard computer detects a problem. This can include issues with your transmission. Never ignore an engine warning light. Ottohaus of Charleston has the latest diagnostic equipment at our Volkswagen Repair Shop to quickly determine the cause of the warning light and recommend the service you need. 

Poor Response or Shifting Problems

If your high-end Volkswagen will not shift smoothly into gear or from one gear to another, this is a serious sign of a problem. There could be low transmission fluid, or the wrong type of fluid, a computer problem, or an issue with the shift cable or linkage. Driving your car with transmission problems can cause things to become worse, so we recommend towing your Volkswagen in for immediate service. 


Modern Volkswagen transmissions are examples of the brand’s quality engineering, so you should hear virtually no sounds when yours is operating normally. Any odd sounds like whining, grinding, humming, or clunking coming from under your car need attention. Get your car to our Volkswagen Repair Shop in Charleston or North Charleston as soon as possible. 

Low or Dirty Fluid

Clean and healthy automatic transmission fluid (ATF) should be red. It also should not burn off over time, so a low fluid level usually indicates a leak. Dark, dirty, or burnt-smelling fluid are all indicators that something inside the transmission is amiss and needs attention. 


Being shaken or jerked around by your Volkswagen is an immediate sign of trouble and could even result in an accident. If you experience any signs like these, turn the car off and have it towed to Ottohaus of Charleston for repairs.

Slipping Gears 

Your Volkswagen should shift smoothly into gear, and from one gear to the next, and stay there. Slipping out of gear or from a higher gear to a lower one unexpectedly is a sure sign of serious problems. Get your car to us for immediate repairs to prevent even worse and more costly problems. 

Volkswagen Transmission Service in Charleston, SC 

Ottohaus of Charleston is your source for quality, reliable Volkswagen transmission service in the Low Country. Both our Charleston area locations feature trained, certified, and skilled technicians who only work on German-made vehicles like your Volkswagen. Residents and tourists return to us again and again for service and repairs. You can rely on us for: 


  • Fast, Accurate Diagnosis & Service
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Expert Workmanship
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  • Certified Technicians


If your new or older Volkswagen is experiencing transmission problems, bring it to Charleston’s expert Volkswagen Repair Shop — Ottohaus of Charleston.