Charleston Volkswagen | Is My Warranty Accepted at Independent Charleston Volkswagen Service Centers?


Charleston Volkswagen | One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a new vehicle is the warranty coverage it comes with. Vehicle warranties void much of the worry and concern associated with car maintenance and repairs. One of the biggest misconceptions is that your warranty is only accepted by dealers.


The Myths

You can take your warranty covered vehicle into a local Charleston Volkswagen service center for repairs, and they will honor your warranty. Be forewarned that you will likely hear various arguments that tell you differently. One of the most common arguments is that warranty providers only honor service or repairs done by the dealer.  


Another is that modern or newer model vehicles have a complex design that independent service centers are not equipped to handle. The training and experience that independent repair technicians have are extensive. Professionally trained technicians are capable of exceeding the standard of excellence for car repairs and service.


The Advantages

There are growing advantages of having your vehicle serviced by the Charleston Volkswagen service center of your choice. You can choose a center that is convenient in location. Dealer service providers can cause you to feel lost in the shuffle. Independent providers tend to deliver personalized care to their customers. There is an opportunity to save time with local providers because they typically diagnose the problem without insisting on add-on services that you don’t necessarily need at the time. One of the most comforting advantages is that owners can avoid the hassle of dealing with a car salesman while they are in the service center of the dealership.


Independent Charleston Volkswagen service centers provide meticulous care to customers and their vehicles. If your vehicle is covered by warranty and in need of repair, visit your trustworthy local service center for quality service you can trust.


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