Charleston Volkswagen Owners: Are You Adding too Much Fuel to Your Tank?

Fueling the tank is a task that not many people enjoy. It is a necessary but tedious one for some. For most Charleston Volkswagen owners, the opportunity to fill up decreases the number of times you’ll need to make a quick stop by the gas station, right? It’s both a safety precaution and a convenience. Safe because you don’t want to get stranded due to no fuel, and convenient because you probably won’t need to make pit stops by the gas station for a couple days.

While filling the fuel tank is ideal, it’s important that you don’t overfill it. Granted, many people find that they gain a few more miles by overfilling it, but the risks may outweigh the rewards. The initial click you hear at the pump is an indication that your tank is full. And as tempting as it may be to click that pump a few more times, you should think twice before doing so. Continuing to pump after the tank is full could cause gas to flow over to the EVAP components and will eventually cause damage.

The evaporative emissions system cannot tolerate liquid fuel exposure from overfilling. If this happens, you could possibly experience a multitude of symptoms including, but not limited to:

  • Check engine light
  • External fuel leak
  • Failure of EVAP system components
  • Various drivability concerns

In addition to damage, Charleston Volkswagen service professionals warn that too much fuel could lead to elevated emissions.

Overfilling the fuel tank could allow the fumes to seep into the environment instead of retracting back to the pump.

Keep in mind that anytime a vehicle’s components are damaged, the check engine light may be triggered. Therefore, that extra click could lead to an unnecessary visit to your Charleston Volkswagen repair center. That’s probably a trip you don’t want to schedule if you can avoid doing so. Consider the above information the next time you pull up to the gas station to fill your tank.

To preserve the quality and performance of your Volkswagen, utilize the services of Ottohaus of Charleston. Our certified mechanics are skilled and trained to provide professional service and maintenance for your vehicle. Contact us today for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.