Audi Service | Know When It’s Time to Take Your Vehicle in for Audi Service and Maintenance

Audi Service | Maintaining the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle is the primary way to ensure that it will perform at its best. The Audi vehicle is designed and recognized for its luxury appearance and stellar performance, which causes the suggested intervals of service to be closer than other vehicle brands. As an owner, you should provide the level of Audi service recommended by the manufacturer. Most importantly, only trust the care of your vehicle to a reputable service professional.

Audi Service Intervals

Ordinarily, auto service schedules are categorized by the model and year of the vehicle. Audi models primarily follow the same protocol. However, the schedule may be more rigid due to Audi’s commitment to adhere to an esteem standard of appearance and performance in their vehicles. There are time-sensitive processes that apply to individual models and should be examined by a certified mechanic to ensure that the vehicle performs properly. 


Minor and Regular Service 

Audi suggests a variety of maintenance or services for the vehicles. It may seem that the schedule is robust and can infringe upon the budget, but the more costly Audi service recommendations typically only take place in 20,000 mile intervals and minor or basic services should be performed in 10,000 mile intervals. Maintaining these intervals is easier to manage and may prevent you from spending more money on costly repairs later because of failure to follow the suggested maintenance schedules. 


At Ottohaus of Charleston, we understand that regular maintenance and service can be tedious and costly. We value the approach that the Audi brand takes with their vehicles and commit to deliver a quality of care to our customers and provide quality service to their vehicles. If you want to determine which service schedule is best for your vehicle, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to enhancing your Audi ownership experience.