Audi Service | Top Reasons that Oil Changes are an Essential Component of Audi Service Routines

Audi Service | Every vehicle owner is aware that an oil change is an imperative part of an Audi service routine. A vehicle will not perform properly without clean and high-quality motor oil. Failure to change the oil properly and as scheduled can lead to severe vehicle damage. Fortunately, drivers in and around Charleston can rely on Audi service professionals to provide quality oil changes to ensure that their vehicles perform as they should. 


Here are a few important reasons that routine oil changes are important.

Keeps the engine lubricated. Engine oil consists of additives that are effective at keeping the components of the engine lubricated. Once the oil is worn, it doesn’t lubricate as is should and must be replaced to work effectively. 

Prevents contamination. You may not realize it but debris and grit can easily get underneath the hood of a vehicle. It eventually collects in the vehicle’s engine and has a negative impact on the performance of the car. When an Audi service professional performs an oil change, the new oil works to protect the components of the engine effected by the debris.

Decreases the need for costly repairs. As oil works to keep engine components lubricated and clean, they help to decrease the need for costly repairs. When an Audi service professional replaces the oil as scheduled, you will face fewer issues with your vehicle. Regular oil changes aren’t a guarantee that a vehicle will never need repairing but they help to decrease the chances of major engine issues occurring. 

Protects your investment. Maintaining the suggested service schedule helps to ensure that your investment is protected. Regular oil changes help your vehicle to operate smoothly and prevents damage that may be irreversible. 

To preserve the quality and experience quality performance with your Audi, utilize the services of Ottohaus of Charleston. Our certified mechanics are skilled and trained to provide professional service and maintenance for your vehicle. Contact us today for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.