Audi Service | FAQs – Picking the Right Auto Shop

Audi Service | In this blog post, we would like to cover some frequently asked questions on how to pick the right auto shop for Audi repair. It can be a little overwhelming to pick out a shop when there are so many available in and around Charleston, but the task gets easier when you apply some of the tips provided below.

Q: Is Experience Important?

A: In a word, yes. Experience is extremely important when picking out an Audi repair shop. Remember, you are bringing in a high-quality vehicle, and you probably paid a significant sum to purchase that vehicle. Don’t trust your Audi to the first shop you find on the internet. Instead, work with one like Ottohaus, which has all of the experience and knowledge necessary to get the job done properly.

Q: Should I Look for the Lowest Price?

A: Absolutely not. You’ll be tempted to shop for an Audi repair shop based on nothing more than price, but that would be a mistake. Think of it this way – does the cheapest restaurant in town serve the best food? Probably not. The same goes for auto shops. If one shop is touting extremely low prices, there is likely a reason that they charge so little.

Q: Can I Ask a Few Questions?

A: Of course! Remember, when you choose to work with an auto shop, that shop is working for you – not the other way around. Feel free to contact the shop and ask questions. You can learn a lot simply by seeing how they respond to your questions and whether or not they are willing to spend a few minutes talking about your vehicle.

When it comes time to have your Audi repaired, opting for Ottohaus of Charleston is an easy decision. We value the business of each and every one of our customers, and we work hard to send everyone away happy. To see why we are such a respected Audi repair shop, contact us right away to schedule an appointment 843-790-2893!