Having a tune-up performed on your car can help prevent unnecessary Audi repair. During the course of normal driving, some engine components will not operate optimally because of ordinary wear-and-tear. This is a sign that you should get your car to an Audi repair facility as soon as possible. Some of the signs that your Audi may need a tune-up are:

  1. Engine lights come on: This is a sure indicator that you should take your car in for service as soon as possible.
  2. Stalling: If your car is stalling when you press the accelerator, it can be hazardous. 
  3. Fuel economy: Take note of how often you are filling your car up at the pump. Diminishing fuel efficiency is a sign that your vehicle may need a tune-up.
  4. Brake problems: Any sign that you’re having difficulty braking needs immediate attention. If it feels unusual when you’re braking, or you’re hearing squealing or scraping sounds, it may be a symptom of a failing braking system.
  5. Rough shifting. Your car’s transmission system should handle the gear-shifting process smoothly. If you are noticing your car lurching forward when shifting, it may indicate a transmission issue.
  6. Vibration or shaking: This can be an indicator of several issues needing Audi repair and is a sure sign that you need to get to an Audi technician as soon as possible.

The primary benefit of a tune-up is ensuring your car functions properly, and further damage is prevented. Other benefits include increasing the car’s efficiency by replacing fuel and air filters and increasing mileage by replacing worn spark plugs. It’s an essential part of regular maintenance and will help protect your investment in your vehicle.

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