Have you ever felt your vehicle veering slightly to the right or left? If so, this is a sign of poor wheel alignment and is an indicator that you need to visit your Audi repair technician. Your car being out of alignment can often be a simple fix, yet it is urgently needed when you notice your vehicle pulling to the right or left.

When you bought your Audi, the wheels had been aligned at the factory, tested, and any adjustments needed were made there. But over time, most vehicle’s wheels fall out of alignment. There are no wheel alignment warning lights to indicate that Audi repair is needed, which is why you want to have your alignment checked regularly.

Benefits of Car Wheel Alignment

Having your wheels aligned has many benefits, but the ultimate benefit is optimal drivability. These are some of the benefits of having your wheels aligned regularly:

  • Your tires will have a longer life
  • Your car will drive smoother
  • Your wheels will be pointing in the right direction, meaning you can drive without constantly correcting course
  • Your car will take less energy to drive straight, which equates to purchasing less fuel
  • Your vehicle will handle better, resulting in safer driving

There are several different types of wheel alignment. A 2-wheel alignment, also known as a “front-end alignment,” means the Audi repair technician will perform necessary service only on the front wheels. A 4-wheel alignment entails adjustments being made on all four wheels, which is typically required on all-wheel-drive vehicles with independent suspension.

As part of regular maintenance, an annual inspection of your vehicle’s alignment is recommended. It will keep your car running in prime condition and will save you money by eliminating the need for unnecessary Audi repair.

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