Audi, the premier brand of Volkswagen AG, was crafted for perfection as soon as their vehicles left the factory. The initial quality speaks for itself; the attention to detail throughout their automobile’s are second-to-none while the features that are packed into a single vehicle sounds too good to be true. In a nutshell, Audi has been delivering high-quality vehicles for decades, and the car community has taken note of it. Although the initial quality of Audi is top-tier, their long-term quality is solely dependent on the Audi auto repair that the owners give the vehicles. Without proper maintenance and early detection of issues, Audi’s lineup will leave the owner questioning the purchase. Here are some common issues with Audi (both mechanical and general issues) that the driver should consider when owning (or before owning) their vehicles.

Audi Auto Repair Spark Plug Issues

First, Audi’s vehicles (and European vehicles in general) are on the expensive side of maintenance and repairs. For instance, take the typical “spark plug” job. There are two types of spark plugs: conventional and long-life. Conventional spark plugs typically need replacement every 30,000-50,000 miles. Long-life spark plugs (with platinum or iridium tips) can last between 60,000-150,000 miles (typically 100,000 is expected for domestic vehicles). However, the issue with Audi (and Volkswagen products in general) is that the initial quality is higher than the rest of the bunch; the higher the initial quality is on a vehicle, the lower the long-term quality. This means that Audi’s pack in a great amount of value to their vehicles when they leave the factory, but requires more attention than a vehicle that doesn’t have as much to offer. Coming back to the example of the spark plugs, Audi’s spark plugs will fail quicker (on average) than a vehicle that is engineered with less to offer. Keep in mind, that whenever a used Audi is purchased, it is a good idea to change the spark plugs (regardless of the interval) because the spark plugs derive from how hard the previous owner drove the vehicle. 

Audi’s Premium on Repair

The maintenance of a vehicle also includes the amount of labor that was put into the vehicle. Here at Ottohaus, we strive to deliver the best value for Audi auto repairs; however, repairs and maintenance are typically higher than the average automobile company. This is because Audi’s (and other German companies) are built more complex than the typical “average” company. Audi’s are not average, they compete as a luxury automaker. If the driver decides to purchase one, they are committing to a superior vehicle, which means that they are committing to a superior cost of repairs and maintenance.

Audi’s Most Common Repair Issues

Going into specifics, the engine’s access (and majority of the other vehicle’s components) are quite limited. This goes hand-in-hand with the high cost of labor for Audi auto repair. Mechanically speaking, Audi’s are known for a variety of issues that happen more often than the typical automobile company. First, the infamous oil puddles are more common than not. Seeing an oil leak might be worrisome because of the costs of repairs, but it is best to find the root of the leak and fix it accordingly. Exhaust leaks are less daunting, but still require attention before the leaks turn into something more complex. Next, a rattling engine is synonymous for these vehicles with higher mileage. The rattling may be alarming, but the majority of the time it is actually normal. Despite that, the rattling may be mistaken as a misfire by the typical driver. When the vehicle starts to jolt and jumps, and has a hard time with smooth acceleration, it is an issue that shouldn’t be overlooked. Basically, a misfire is when the vehicle does not fire in all cylinders. This results in other problems down the road, so it is best to take your Audi’s auto repairs to Ottohaus. Lastly, Audi’s are known for a clunking sound when the vehicle is taking a sharp turn in motion. Sometimes this clunking sound is normal, other times, it means that the vehicle needs to replace either the differential fluid or a suspension component. Most of the steering component issues revolve around the steering column, particularly with the power steering pump, the hoses/lines, or the rack and pinion. There can be a wide-variety of issues with your Audi that need attention, so it is highly recommended that the owner stays ahead of the maintenance schedule. 

Rest assure, Ottohaus will diagnose and help with an abundance of Audi auto repairs. Here at Ottohaus, we welcome customers of all German auto repairs. Let’s work together! Contact us to schedule an appointment.