VW Service | Here Comes Winter!

VW Service | It’s hard to believe, but winter is quickly closing in. While those hot summer nights seem like they were just a few days ago, fall is here, and winter is around the corner. If you live in or around beautiful Charleston, SC, you don’t have to deal with the kinds of harsh winters experienced in the northern parts of the United States. With that said, the weather does change, and you need to make sure your vehicle is ready for the cooler season. Call Ottohaus of Charleston for VW service to prepare your vehicle properly.

Keep Warm

One of the key systems on your vehicle during the winter months is the heater. If you have to head to work early in the morning during the winter, you’ll want to be able to crank up the heat to take the chill out of the air in the cab. Since your heater will have had several months off – while your A/C was working hard – it’s a good idea to have some VW service performed to make sure all systems are ready to go as the seasons change.

Check Your Wipers

Replacing your wiper blades is one of the easiest vehicle maintenance tasks. In most places, changing wipers before winter is a good idea because they are going to have to work hard from November through February. In Charleston, it’s smart to address this point before winter because your wipers have probably been working hard all summer long. We get more rain in the summer than the winter, so make sure your wipers have some rubber left.

One of the benefits of living in Charleston is avoiding harsh winters, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the needs of your vehicle. Thank you for visiting Ottohaus, and we hope to have the opportunity to provide you with quality VW service. Contact us right away to get started 843-732-2793!