Volkswagen Service Tips to Help Conserve Gas Mileage


Most Of ups are guilty of it. We’ll drive all over time trying to find the best gas prices. After all, everyone wants to get a good deal on gas. There are other ways that you can save on fuel cost, while improving the efficiency of the fuel used in your vehicle.

Manufacturers provide a suggested MPG for all vehicles. But they are not completely reliable because their suggested estimates are based on individual driving conditions. And if you’re honest, I’m sure you noticed that there are people on the highway traveling a lot faster or sometimes slower than you.


Here are a few Volkswagen service tips that could help you get better fuel mileage.

  1. Decrease your speed. It may be tempting to go over the speed limit but it can also increase your fuel efficiency by almost 15 percent. When you drive 60 instead of 70 miles per hour, it could save between two and four miles per gallon over the duration of one trip. Mileage decreases rapidly at speeds greater than 60 miles per hour, which could cost up to 22 percent more in average miles per gallon. Drive steadily at or just below the speed limit when possible. This is most effective when you maintain a speed between 45 and 50 miles per hour.


  1. You’ve likely heard from your Volkswagen service technician that a slow start beats a slow finish any day. This is also true in fuel conservation. Instead of flooring the gas at take off, coast into your desired speed of travel. Your vehicle uses more fuel when it accelerates rapidly. You can improve the miles per gallon utilized by gently picking up speed.


  1. Cruise the highways. Cruise control should be used when traveling on flat terrain if possible. This creates consistency in throttle position and allows the vehicle to save on fuel. Cruise control is less stressful on the car than a driver’s inconsistent throttle pressure.


  1. Check tire pressure often. It is important to maintain good pressure in the tires. This makes the car drive better, as well as help with fuel conservation. If the pressure is adequate, the load has less impact on the vehicle’s engine. If you maintain adequate Volkswagen service checks, your tire pressure should be efficient for quality driving and fuel efficiency.


If you are concerned that your Volkswagen is using more fuel than it should be, consult with a service professional for a professional diagnosis. Ottohaus of Charleston services and repairs Volkswagens. Our service experts are professional and undergo continuous training to offer the most advanced and courteous service to all our customers.  Contact us today to schedule a service or maintenance appointment.