Throughout a vehicle’s lifetime, noises coming from various parts is inevitable. Sometimes the source of the noise is clearly evident; other times, it is more difficult to determine the cause. Many times, these noises are a signal that something may require VW repair and should be taken to a qualified technician as soon as possible.


There are various common car noises that occur. Some of these are:


Tire Noise – Humming is a fairly common sound you may hear when driving. Though some humming is normal when driving on certain types of surfaces, when it increases it can be a sign of uneven tread wear. To prevent uneven tire wear, you should get your wheels rotated regularly and have a wheel alignment performed periodically.


Brake Noise – Another common cause of abnormal car noises is brake issues. Brakes undergo a large amount of stress every time they are applied as they stop your vehicle’s momentum and bring it to a halt. Hearing a minimal amount of noise is no cause for alarm. However, hearing loud grinding or squealing will require the attention of a technician for possible VW repair on your brake pads or rotors.


Suspension Noise – Most people have a general idea that a vehicle’s suspension system exists to keep the ride smooth and free of bumps. While that’s true, the suspension system is a very complex combination of multiple systems that control both the wheels and the vehicle’s body. A trained Ottohaus technician can determine if noises you’re hearing are coming from the suspension. Attending to this noise may prevent your car from needing other major repairs.


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