Having your oil changed regularly is one factor you have a measure of control over in avoiding VW repair. Along with scheduled maintenance, it’s something that you can put in the hands of a qualified technician to keep your Volkswagen running smoothly. Here are five reasons to have your oil changed regularly and not be inconvenienced by VW repair:


  1. It maintains engine lubrication. Your VW’s engine has many moving parts. Many of these parts are operating under extremely hot temperatures. Proper lubrication ensures these components keep moving and don’t lock up because they’ve dried up.


  1. It keeps engine components cool. As cars accelerate there is a tremendous amount of friction and heat created. The proper amount of clean oil will keep your engine’s components running efficiently. VW Repair


  1. To remove particles and sludge. Over time, small particles of dirt will work their way into an engine. Older engine oil can also accumulate and turn into sludge. Regular oil changes eliminate these damaging particles and sludge.


  1. You’ll have increased gas mileage. Having a clean engine and efficiently working components will increase gas mileage. A 1-2% per year increase in efficiency can add up to the cost of about a full tank of gas annually for your Volkswagen. This will help defer the cost of your regular oil changes.


  1. It leads to a longer life for your vehicle. Just as keeping your tire pressure properly inflated leads to proper, normal wear and tear; a vehicle with regular oil changes is going to have an engine that runs better and longer. You’ll enjoy your vehicle longer without spending a lot of time with our technicians on VW repair.


At Ottohaus we take great pride in our technicians taking the time to do a professional oil change. You can drive out knowing your Volkswagen is receiving proper maintenance from a trained technician. Contact us today to schedule your next oil change.