With the beginning of school just around the corner, Ottohaus VW repair in Charleston offers some helpful tips to make sure your car is ready to make the many trips needed for classes and activities during the coming school year.

1.) Charge your battery.

The last thing you want to find when you get out of class or are on your way to pick up the kids is a dead battery. If your car has been sluggish when starting or if the dashboard lights or radio are giving your trouble, it may be a sign that you need a new battery. Your Ottohaus technician can test your battery during routine maintenance and oil changes.

2.) Keep your tires properly inflated.

Improper tire pressure is a safety hazard for you and your passengers and can lead to decreased miles-per-gallon. Driving with improperly inflated tires also can result in the need for you to replace your tires sooner than normal. Have your tire pressure checked monthly.

3.) Get your brakes checked.

Worn brakes can make it hard for you to stop quickly, increasing the risk of an accident. Have a trained Ottohaus technician check your brakes each time you get your oil changed or need VW repair.

4.) Don’t forget about the wipers.

You don’t want to be caught in a storm and have difficulty seeing the road ahead because of old and worn wiper blades. It’s an avoidable danger. Have your blades replaced every 6-12 months.

5.) Pack an emergency kit.

It’s always a good idea to be prepared in case of an emergency. Have a kit with you that contains first aid items, a basic tool kit, jumper cables, a blanket, non-perishable food, and water.

Ottohaus of Charleston has two convenient locations to serve you and provide routine maintenance and expert VW repair. Contact us today to have your vehicle serviced before school begins.