VW Charleston | Three Healthy Driving Habits

VW Charleston | By purchasing an Audi vehicle, you will know you are getting a piece of quality machinery that looks impressive and drives even better. But your own personal driving habits will have a lot to do with how well your Audi fares over the long run. To avoid too many Audi repair needs down the line, consider abiding by these three healthy driving habits.

#1 – Gradual Acceleration

One of the best things you can do for the long-term health of your engine is to accelerate gradually from a stop, instead of just mashing on the gas pedal as soon as the light turns green. You don’t have to hold everyone else up by accelerating as slow as possible, but use a steady, even press on the pedal to bring your vehicle up to speed. If you can consistently drive this way during your day to day commute, you will be doing your engine a favor, and you may be able to stay away from Audi repair tasks.

#2 – Gradual Braking

To continue the theme, we are again talking about doing things gradually. In this case, it is braking – do your best to ease onto the brake pedal and give yourself as much room to stop as possible. Of course, if you need to stop quickly due to traffic or other situations ahead, you will do so and not worry about the impact on your brakes. However, if you can stay in a habit of steady, controlled braking in most circumstances, you should get more out of your brakes than you would by regularly jamming them on at the last possible second.

#3 – Gradual Turning

Okay – so that’s three for three with the tip to be gradual with your driving movements. On this last point, we are talking about the way you turn the wheel. Of course, you have to turn the wheel in order to follow the road or avoid objects on the road, but again you should be trying to keep things smooth. Try to stay out of situations where you’ll wind up needing to jerk the wheel aggressively to one side or the other.

Thanks for checking out our three quick tips on healthy driving habits. If you do need Audi repair in Charleston, Ottohaus is the right choice!