VW Charleston | Some Evening Reading – Your Owner’s Manual

VW Charleston | Do you ever have a quiet evening at home without much on your agenda? When those nights come around, and you find yourself looking for something to do, we have an idea – read your owner’s manual! Okay, we admit that might sound a little silly, but hear us out before you laugh this idea off altogether. If you are going to avoid excessive VW auto repair down the line, understanding your vehicle thoroughly is a great step.

Know the Basics

The owner’s manual that comes with your vehicle is a treasure trove of information. Sure, it might not be a ‘page turner’ like a classic novel, but the knowledge that you pick up from reading at least parts of the manual can help you out in a number of ways. Specifically, you’ll want to check out the sections on the operation of your vehicle and the basic maintenance schedule. Some of the VW auto repair we complete at Ottohaus of Charleston is the result of poor maintenance habits on the part of the owner. If those owners had read their manual early on, that work could potentially have been avoided.

Understand the Buttons

Do you know what all of the buttons do inside your vehicle? Do you know what everything on the dash display means? The answers to these questions will be found in your owner’s manual. While the book might look thick and intimidating when you pull it out of your glove box, it actually won’t take long to browse through and pick up some valuable pieces of data.

We don’t think that your owner’s manual is going to be on the agenda for any Charleston book clubs in the near future, but it is worth thumbing through when you have some free time. Thank you for visiting our blog, and be sure to turn to Ottohaus for all your VW auto repair needs.