Volkswagen Charleston SC | Car Wash Debate – By Hand, or Drive-Thru?

Volkswagen Charleston SC | Everyone likes to drive around in a clean car. There is something about having your vehicle freshly cleaned – inside and out – that just feels good. When cleaning the inside, you really don’t have many options to consider. You are going to vacuum up the carpets, wipe down the surfaces, and maybe add some air freshener. But what about the exterior? That’s where things get tricky.

The Case for Hand Washing

Some people swear by the option of hand washing their cars. With hand washing, you get the undeniable benefit of being able to get into every nook and cranny successfully. Also, the wash will be gentler on the vehicle than if you had taken it to a drive-thru facility. The team as your local VW repair shop is sure to be impressed when you bring the car in after a thorough hand washing.

The Case for Driving-Thru

Convenience. In a word, that’s the main argument for taking your car to a drive-thru car wash. You will save time over hand washing the vehicle, and who doesn’t like to save time? The cost of these types of car washes tends to be pretty modest, and you can do it on your way home from work, only adding a few minutes to your commute.

The Right Answer? Both

In the end, it is probably a combination of these two options which will help you keep your vehicle looking great all year long. Sometimes, you’ll have the time available in your schedule to do a detailed hand washing at home. On other occasions, you’ll be strapped for time and you’ll just drive-thru to get it done.

While you can probably handle keeping the outside of your VW looking great, there are maintenance tasks to be done as well. For those, a quality VW repair shop is the way to go. Ottohaus is a VW repair shop providing Charleston-area drivers with reliable service and great prices. Contact us today!