Signs That Transmission Repair May Be Needed

You don’t necessarily need to be an experienced automotive technician to notice that something is wrong with your transmission. In fact, if you pay attention to your vehicle while driving, you may be able to spot a problem before it becomes a bigger issue. If you do suspect transmission trouble in your Audi, VW, or BMW, please contact Ottohaus of Charleston right away.

Take Note of These Signs

So, what kinds of signs may alert you to a problem with the transmission? Check out the list below.

  • Difficult shifting. Assuming you drive an automatic transmission, you should be used to the vehicle sliding easily from one gear to the next. If you start hearing strange noises during shifting, or if the shifting seems difficult, you might have an issue.
  • You get used to the timing of your transmission changing gear when you drive an automatic. You will hear the engine get up to a certain pitch, and then it will drop down again as it shifts. However, if those shifts start to happen at odd times for no obvious reason, the transmission may be slipping.
  • A delay. Again, this is something you may notice because it will be different than normal. If the timing of your gear shifts seems off, as if it is taking too long to move from one gear to the next, it may be wise to have the vehicle looked at by a car mechanic.

As an experienced auto shop specializing in German vehicles, we are ready to help with the transmission repair on your Audi, BMW, or VW. For more information on our services, or to make an appointment, please contact us at your convenience. Thank you for stopping by!