Oil and Brakes – Two Key Maintenance Jobs

Modern vehicles are extremely complicated machines. One of the reasons it is necessary to work with a qualified car mechanic when it comes to getting an oil change or brake repair, is the fact that there is a lot going on under the hood of your car. Performing your own maintenance used to be a relatively easy task, but those days are long gone. Today, unless you are a trained mechanic with the right set of tools, you don’t stand much of a chance beyond the simplest of jobs.

Stay on Top of the Basics

As the proud owner of a German vehicle, you already know that it is important to keep up with your maintenance schedule. While all scheduled maintenance is necessary, two particularly important points to watch are your oil and your brakes. By having an oil change performed each time it is due, and by having brake replacement completed when the pads or rotors are worn, you will be doing your vehicle a great favor.

Even Simple Jobs Aren’t Simple

When compared to some of the other work that is performed in a car repair shop, oil changes and brake replacements are relatively simple. With that said, they can still be done incorrectly, which is why you want a talented and experienced team working on your car. When you bring your BMW, Audi, or VW to Ottohaus of Charleston, you’ll have confidence that the work is going to be done right the first time. This is not the time to take chances, so opt for a shop that you know is up to the task.

We appreciate your visit, and we hope that Ottohaus will be able to serve you soon. Remember, if you can stay on top of your oil and brake needs, your vehicle will be a big step closer to a healthy and reliable future. Give us a call today to get started!